3 Top Reasons Why We Love Twinkl Philippines (Free Downloadable Learning Materials)

April 28, 2022

Here are the reasons why we highly recommend Twinkl Philippines.

As a busy working dad, it’s always good to discover online resource sites that offer free yet high-quality teaching materials for my kids. One such website is Twinkl Philippines which offers free learning worksheets and printables for kids of various ages. What makes Twinkl Philippines unique and effective is that the learning materials are created by teachers themselves. As such, those said materials from Twinkl Philippines are comprehensive and highly customized based on the needs of the children using them.

Story sequencing worksheet from Twinkl Philippines

3 Top Reasons Why We Love Twinkl Philippines (Free Downloadable Learning Materials)

    Having said that, I know my fellow parents, whether working or staying at home, would greatly appreciate the learning materials that they can get from Twinkl Philippines. As for Mommy Khris and I, here are some of the specific reasons why we love Twinkl Philippines:

    1. Signing up is free

    You can open a Twinkl Philippines account for free and still get to access thousands of free learning resources. Of course, if you are interested in gaining access to Twinkl Philippines’ exclusive materials, webinars, and online training sessions (which come with a certificate), you can pay for a premium membership.

    I am currently enrolled in the Phonics webinars and I could attest that the training sessions are comprehensive yet easy to understand for a non-teacher like me. I also like that I get to receive a certificate each time I finish a learning session so that gives my confidence a boost when I finally teach these lessons to my kids when they become a little bigger.

    if you are interested to sign up for an account with Twinkl Philippines, you may click here.

    2. Twinkl has an extensive library of learning materials

    Phonics webinar from Twinkl Philippines
    Phonics webinar

    If you visit the website of Twinkl Philippines, you will immediately notice the categories in the menu section containing an extensive list of downloadable educational materials. In particular, there are materials that cover Phonics, Philippines, Distance Learning, Filipino Resources, Nursery, Kindergarten, Grades 1-3, Grades 4-6, EAL, International Schools, and Webinars and Trainings.

    3. Wide array of Filipino materials to keep children in touch with local customs and traditions

    When it comes to learning resources, I’m very particular when it comes to Filipino materials. One of my main goals is to raise children who are very much in touch with our local language, our customs and traditions, and even local games.

    Filipino worksheets from Twinkl Philippines
    Filipino worksheets

    I like that Twinkl Philippines has an extensive collection of beautiful and well-made Filipino learning worksheets. They would be attractive to children just as they are to adults.


    If you are looking for an extensive collection of printable learning worksheets for your children, then you have to sign up with Twinkl Philippines. You can access its library of high-quality learning materials for free. Just the same, if you are looking for access to more materials, webinars, and trainings that come with certificates, then you can opt to sign up for Twinkl Philippines’ premium membership.

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