Grateful Dad #20: Returning To Work

April 23, 2022

Mommy Khris has started to report for work since the start of April and we're still getting used to her being away as well as our new routine at home.

It’s been two weeks since Mommy Khris has been asked to report for work by their office and the kids and I are still getting used to her being away for most of the day. She’s been taking the P2P bus so she gets to the office early. Likewise, the trip back home after office is a bit more bearable for her because P2P buses take the fast lane in EDSA so they are spared from the usual heavy traffic. Sometimes, we would fetch her from the office but the P2P is still her most efficient transportation option.

Grateful for the opportunity to return to work

Grateful Dad #20: Returning To Work

Anyway, as I’ve said, we’re still not used to her not being home since she’s been working from home for the last two years. I really thought that their company was more forward thinking to adopt a 100% work from home arrangement since 2021. Other companies, such as my previous office, have asked their employees to return to work as early as January 2021.

For a time, we thought that Mommy Khris would adopt a blended work arrangement even after the pandemic. We were wrong. On a positive note, returning to work is a good indication that businesses and the economy as a whole are on the road to recovery. At the end of the day, we are just grateful that she still has her job. A lot of people have lost their jobs because of the pandemic, and that includes me. I’m just glad that there’s freelance work so I still get to earn.

I just hope that people who are returning to work remain careful still because COVID-19 is still very much out there. People are still getting infected so we shouldn’t let our guard down.

With regard to our routine, I help Mommy Khris prepare her snacks at night. During most mornings, I help Mommy Khris by warming her water for her morning shower (yes, my alarm sometimes fails to wake me up).

Rafa would usually look for his Mommy when he woke up but would also soon crawl to my side of the bed and go back to sleep. Rafa loves to sleep on my pillow when he realizes his mom is up and about. He and his Kuya Miguel would both be beside me so I’m usually left with a small space at the edge of my bed. I’m not complaining though because I cherish those moments when my two sons are sleeping soundly beside me.

Upon waking up, my kids and I would do our usual activities at home. Mornings are spent with mini lessons for Rafa and our usual home activities with Kuya Miguel to reinforce his weekly lessons at school.

Again, we’re still adjusting to our new set up at home. Just the same, I hope we get to find a set up that is the most ideal for us. A full work from home job maybe because we wanted to be able to watch over our kids as they grow. I hope we get to do it soon because we miss being together.

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