Grateful Dad #19: Holy Week In San Antonio (Nueva Ecija)

April 17, 2022

We had the chance to spend four days of well-deserved vacation in San Antonio during the Holy Week

We just came back from our four-day vacation (from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday) in my hometown San Antonio in Nueva Ecija. As usual, we were happy to be given the chance to have some peace and quiet and just enjoy the provincial life in my parents’ home.

Grateful for the opportunity to spend the Holy Week in San Antonio, Nueva Ecija

Grateful Dad #19: Holy Week In San Antonio (Nueva Ecija)

We would’ve wanted to spend the entire Holy Week in San Antonio since we haven’t been home since December last year. However, Mommy Khris’ office kept changing their report for work schedule until it was moved two weeks earlier than the initial plan.

Still, we had a great time in San Antonio. During one instance when Mommy Khris and I were eating dinner, we remarked how we looked forward to spending weekends in the province before the COVID-19 pandemic. It was always an amazing opportunity to recharge and catch up on stories with my parents.

Nowadays, since we have two toddlers, everything’s about making sure that they are comfortable and will have a good time when we go on a vacation.

We brought their favorite snacks (although my parents already have their favorite biscuits and food in stock days before we arrived) as well as their inflatable pool which they used during Sabado de Gloria (Black Saturday). Most Filipinos would traditionally go swimming in pools and beach resorts during Sabado de Gloria so it's a “holiday” that many families waited for.

Two children swimming in an inflatable pool
Miguel and Rafa swimming

Miguel and Rafa also like playing in the backyard so we just let them be, picking sticks and stones and everything else that caught their fancy.

As for us, we looked forward to the delicious home cooked meals that my mother prepared at home. We like the delicious fish that they always bought from the local market. We were also dreaming of eating our favorite pork menudo that my mother would always prepare for us and we weren’t disappointed. We even brought some with us when we went back to Quezon City.

A cup of Puno's ice cream from Nueva Ecija
Puno's ice cream

We were also always imagining enjoying cups of Puno’s ice cream. I’ve long heard many good things about this local Novo Ecijano ice cream brand but it was only last December 2021 when we were finally able to try it. Puno’s ice cream is really delicious and deserves all the raves it’s getting, well at least in my home province.

It’s creamy and packed with well-balanced flavors. Our most favorite Puno’s ice cream flavor is the Langka Cheese Cashew while the Cheese Cashew Macapuno and the Coffee Crumble both come in at a close second. 

Best of all, Puno’s ice cream is affordable as compared to other commercial ice cream brands. I wish Puno’s ice cream would be available in Metro Manila, too. For now, this is another reason for us to plan for the next vacation in San Antonio.

On another note, here are also some of the things that I’m grateful for in the last two weeks:

First family car

We finally got our first family car – a second-hand Toyota Innova 2020 model. Mommy Khris and I deemed it practical to get our first car because that would give us more mobility while ensuring our safety since COVID-19 is still very much out there. 

I'm still learning to drive around the streets of Metro Manila though since I'm only used to driving in the province where the roads are almost always empty.

First beach getaway since the COVID-19 pandemic

We went to Pico de Loro in Nasugbu, Batangas for our first family vacation since 2020. Needless to say, the kids couldn’t get enough of the beach.

Brand collaborations

I’m also grateful for the brands that continue to trust me. I’ve been out of full-time work since August 2021 and my freelance and social media marketing jobs have been providing me with steady monthly income. 

I just concluded campaigns for UCC Coffee, Kurin all-purpose disinfecting spray, Kusinaya gourmet floss, Peri-Peri charcoal chicken, V-Soy soy bean milk drink, Health Fusion Vitamin C gummies, Twinkl Philippines, and Neurogen-E.

That’s it for now, I hope you had a meaningful Holy Week celebration.

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  1. Ang saya na Holy week vacation Daddy Iv
    Spend Time /quality time with Your Family
    At ang sarap naman Yung Ice cream Din

  2. Quality time with your family 😍isa sa magandang memories para sa mga bata

  3. Quality time with your family 😍isa sa magandang memories para sa mga bata

  4. Such a beautiful place and holy week vacation indeed! Wala nang mas sasaya pa kapag nakakabalik tayo sa place where are our parents are. So glad you are able to visit them Sir and enjoy everything from Nueva Ecija. Looking forward to read another post of your experience on your parents home town.