Grateful Dad #17: Food Makes Us Happy

March 22, 2022

I think everybody would agree that good food provides a dose of happiness when things are getting a little rough and tough.

Food makes us happy and I think it’s the same for other people as well. When we feel a little stressed, we treat ourselves to good food. When we need to celebrate something special, we order our favorite food. When we get sad, we turn to food to make us feel better.

Grateful for the food that makes us happy

Grateful Dad #17: Food Makes Us Happy

I guess all the above statements also hold true for other people around the globe, unless they are some of the rare individuals who loathe the sight or even just the thought of food. Just the same, a happy family gathering with your friends or loved ones is never complete without amazing food on the table. It also doesn’t need to be grand. As long as food tastes good and it brings you joy, then it has served its purpose well.

Food has been one of our coping mechanisms during the lockdown two years ago, which led us to discover the joys of food delivery and food trays. What convinced us to order from these food sellers? Delicious photographs and amazing reviews, of course.

After trying some food tray suppliers around Metro Manila in 2020, we eventually settled on a handful of purveyors though which have become our favorites. They’re some of the mainstays when we have special occasions at home and even during holidays.

Grateful for the prawn and calamari pesto from Arvy's Bistro
Prawn and calamari pesto

One of our favorite food tray suppliers in Metro Manila is Arvy’s Bistro by Teray’s Catering. We’ve previously tried the Roast Beef, Baked Salmon, Baked Lasagna, and Fat Baby Back Ribs.

A few days ago, Mommy Khris told me that she was craving pasta and that she wanted to try the prawn and calamari pesto from Arvy’s Bistro. How can I say no to that? I’m always game to try new food items. That being said, we ordered a family size prawn and calamari pesto from Arvy’s Bistro. We figured that we haven’t had some good food for weeks now.

What we also love about Arvy’s Bistro is the consistency in its services. They’re always efficient and easy to deal with.

A plate of prwan and calamari pesto

When the food tray arrived, we were greeted by a pesto pasta generously topped with shrimps and squid rings. To be honest, pesto is not one of my favorite pasta dishes but I did enjoy eating this prawn and calamari pesto.

The shrimps are fresh and plump and the squid rings are tender and flavorful. This is a highly recommended dish for those who love seafood and pesto because you’re not going to be disappointed with the serving size as well as the taste. You’d be satisfied with each bite.

Good food makes us happy

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  1. Not a pesto pasta fan either, in fact, not much of a pasta eater, but it's great to try some of these dishes from time to time. They can really be delicious. This one here looks really good, and I love shrimps and squids. Hindi lang talaga ako nabubusog sa pasta, ewan ko ba!

  2. Looks really nice and delish! Happy Father's day! Great to know more about a co-blogger. Tuloy tuloy lang tayo! wuhoo!

  3. I am a fan of prawn, calamari, and pesto. I haven't thought of combining all three. To be honest, just looking at these pictures makes me very hungry! I've never heard of Arvy's Bistro before, but I'll be sure to check it out.

    PS: Ang yummy talaga tignan nung Prawn and calamari pesto. 😁

  4. I saved Arvy’s Bistro by Teray’s Catering for reference! Lalo na for the upcoming birthday party ng panganay ko. And if magustuhan ng family ko will order again for my upcoming baby's Christening!

  5. ay ako din. this will make me happy. pasta na prawn pa! omg happy belly ako nito! San located si Arvy's Bistro?

  6. I totally agree with you about food makes us happy. And I am glad that my hubby understand this as well. There are times that I am sick of eating Aussie food, and I look for Pinoy-style food, kahit tinapa at kanin okay na ako.

    This prawn and calamari pesto looks good, and I can see that they prepared the pasta well.

  7. Same tayo. We are foodies, too, hubby and I. And now the kids. During the pandemic, I would prepare our favorites because I don't want to be quarantined and eat bad food. haha btw, that pasta looks delish! <3

  8. Food makes my husband and my sons happy. And they love pesto. This shrimp and calamari pesto looks inviting!