Grateful Dad #16: Appreciation

March 18, 2022

This is an appreciation post for all the wonderful news that I've received over the last couple of days.

If there's one fact that’s making us happy lately, it’s that Miguel was able to complete more than a month of therapy sessions. He’s now on our second month and I couldn’t be happier.

Appreciation for all the opportunities and good news that we've received lately

Grateful Dad #16: Appreciation

We were also able to establish a simple home program routine and it seems to be working to Miguel’s favor based on the recent feedback of his teacher. We can now tweak Miguel’s daily activity to make it a little challenging for him. We can also add some distractions to his daily activity such as letting Rafa join us, at least he can also learn from what his Kuya is studying.

In the next few days, we’ll work on improving Miguel’s ability to focus his eyes on objects. We’ll do that using the usual form board and shape sorter but I’ll encourage him to look at the object I’m holding before handing it to him to complete the task.

Another good news that Miguel’s teacher relayed to me is that he responded to his name when she (the teacher) called him to give him his favorite Dutch Mill drink. We noticed that for several months now really but I think Miguel only likes to respond to a person that he is already familiar with.

I know that we still have so much to do but if I focus on that and not on the progress that we make, it will feel like a burden. I’m just happy that we’re given the time to bond everyday and learn something new.

On a different note, I’m also glad because brands continue to trust me. A huge appreciation for these brands as well:

No-Drowse Decolgen

We just concluded the campaign for No-drowse Decolgen. It’s one of the easiest brands to work with and the PR agency that I’m coordinating with for the campaign was also very efficient in terms of giving the campaign brief. 

Grateful for the recent No-Drowse Decolgen campaign
Grateful for No-Drowse Decolgen

I love working with brands and PR agencies that are very professional and not demanding. Not only that, Mommy Khris and I use No-Drowse Decolgen because it gives quick relief from sinusitis without making us sleepy.

M2 Tea Drink

Since trying M2 Tea Drink last year, my family has been a fan of this brand. Well, who would’ve thought that you can combine health-giving vegetables like malunggay (moringa), okra, and luya (ginger) in one delicious and refreshing drink? Only M2 Tea Drink can.

Grateful for the recent M2 Tea Drink campaign
Grateful for M2 Tea Drink

Aside from the drink concentrate, M2 Tea Drink also offers ready-to-drink variants as well as flavored Shing-a-ling. We love to munch on both the sour cream and cheese flavored Shing-a-ling. Both are delicious and are satisfyingly crunchy.

What’s Your Flan? Project 8 Quezon City

If you’re looking for a premium and delicious dessert, then I highly recommend that you try What’s Your Flan? in Project 8, Quezon City.

Grateful for the What's Your Flan? Project 8 Quezon City campaign
What's Your Flan? Project 8 Quezon City featuring the 4-in-1 leche flan 

I love leche flan but I’ve always thought that you can’t really do anything much about it anymore.

But with What’s Your Flan’s premium flavored leche flan, I was proven wrong. You can actually level up the classic leche flan with flavors such as Dulce de Keso, Mango Float, Tiramisu, and Ube.

I’ve tried it and there’s nothing more to say about it except that it’s really good. The flavors stand out but they don’t overpower the taste of the leche flan layer underneath.

What’s also good about What’s Your Flan is that it comes in excellent packaging so that you can give it as gift items to your friends and loved ones or as giveaways during special occasions.

To order from What’s Your Flan Project 8 Quezon City, you may visit its Facebook page or call 0966-428-2236.

Ka Tunying’s

One of the journalists that I’ve been familiar with for the longest time is Mr. Anthony Taberna or more popularly known as Ka Tunying. First, we come from the same hometown of San Antonio in Nueva Ecija. Second, my mother used to listen to his old radio program (together with Mr. Gerry Baja) in ABS-CBN. And third, he used to anchor an early morning show also on ABS-CBN which we used to watch while we prepared for work.

Grateful for Ka Tunying's Classic Baked ADOBWhoah
Ka Tunying's Classic Baked ADOBWhoah

Anyway, I knew that Ka Tunying had a coffee shop but I never realized that it eventually expanded to a full restaurant . As such, I was excited when the marketing people of Ka Tunying’s eponymous restaurant reached out to me to try their new (actually, it was a comebacking dish) item called Pinoy Sushi Bake.

I was sent the Classic Baked ADOBWhoah which is chicken adobo flakes on top of garlic sticky rice and drizzled with adobo mayo. It smelled really wonderful when I opened it. More importantly, it tastes just as good as it smelled. 

My family loved how the adobo flakes went well with the garlic sticky rice, which faintly reminded me of my favorite Arroz Valenciana served during fiestas in my hometown. Classic Baked ADOBWhoah came with nori sheets for a bit of Japanese touch to this dish.

My package also came with Dalandan Cooler and Mango Madness. Both fruity drinks are perfect for pairing with the Classic Baked ADOBWhoah.

Aside from the Classic Baked ADOBWhoah, Ka Tunying’s also offers the Baked SISIGoodness which I have my eyes on for my next must-try dish.

Johnson's Baby Powder

I also received a kit from Johnson's Baby Powder. It's a backpack that contains the different Johnson's Baby Powder variants like the classic scent, active fresh, and blossoms. It also contains a tumbler, notebook, Chinese garter, jump rope, and outdoor chalk set.

Grateful for this Johnson's Baby Powder set
Johnson's Baby Powder outdoor kit

Johnson's Baby Powder is a trusted brand; I'm sure most parents these days have used Johnson's Baby Powder when they were also kids. Johnson's Baby Powder keeps active children dry and fresh even after long hours of playing outside. I also use Johnson's Baby Powder on Miguel and Rafa when I'm giving them a haircut to prevent skin irritation from the tiny hairs that fall on their nape and arms.

Miguel and Rafa also loved using the outdoor chalk set. When I brought it out, they immediately used it to doodle on the concrete pavement.

So that rounds up this edition of Grateful Dad. How about you, what are you grateful for lately? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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  1. It's good to know that your son Miguel is doing good. It's really nice that you're also having a good time with your family. It's really good for your family to build a good relationship with each other. Those products that you've mentioned are all good too. I've also tried some of it and they are indeed good.

  2. Alyssha Nicole Leopoldo Galvez16 June 2023 at 07:51

    Yes 💗 appreciation is important ❤️ ako kahit maliit na bagay talagang naappreciate ko and lagi kong ipinagsasalamat yun 💗 thank you for sharing this Daddy Ivan, you are truly an inspiring person ❤️ it's nice knowing na you truly enjoy everry moment spend with your family ❤️

  3. You're such an inspiration daddy Ivan
    And thank You For always sharing your life story Po