How To Encourage Kids To Be Creative During Their Summer Vacation

March 03, 2022

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The summer vacation months are the perfect opportunity to encourage our kids to be creative and inquisitive. Since the COVID-19 cases are on a steady downtrend nationwide, we were hoping to treat our children to a beach getaway. We are eyeing one location that’s a little exclusive to avoid the big crowd because safety is still our top priority.

Encouraging creativity in kids during vacation

How To Encourage Kids To Be Creative During Their Summer Vacation

    Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we brought our eldest son to Bohol and in Canyon Cove. We saw how happy he was to be on the beach. Mommy Khris and I wanted to take him to our favorite beach destinations because we knew that exposing children to the wonders of traveling can be advantageous to them, such as:

    1. Instilling in them the sense of appreciation for nature at an early age
    2. Creating unforgettable memories with them as a family
    3. Stimulating their five senses because they are exposed to different sights, sounds, and even taste when we travel
    4. Playing with water and sand can be advantageous to them
    5. It’s a learning opportunity for them because they see things in person instead of in gadgets.

    There are also nearby areas like Intramuros, Fort Santiago, Luneta, as well as other public parks that can instill a sense of awe and wonder in children. These are also great places to visit to give them a good time as they learn from the things around them.

    Kids can also develop their creativity while staying at home

    We do understand that traveling may still not be for all children. Some parents are still hesitant to travel and they’d choose to just stay at home this summer vacation.

    There are toys, books, and educational books to make their summer vacation worthwhile and fun. You can buy arts and crafts from online shops and turn your playroom into an art workshop.

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    The wonderful summer does not end there! Watch out for select drive-thru stores dressed up with summer-themed decorations to give an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

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    So you see, you still have a lot of options to give your children a good time this summer. Whether you prefer to travel or stay at home, you can create memorable bonding moments with your children. All you have to do is be imaginative and you can make each day worthwhile.

    Do you have suggested summer activities for kids? Write them down in the comment section below.

    Creativity in kids during school break

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      1. No problem po. Glad na nakatulong sa inyo when it comes to ideas for kids' summer activities.