8 Common Issues That Parents Face When Raising Kids With Autism

February 14, 2022

Here are some of the most common issues and challenges that parents may face when they are raising a child with autism.

Raising a child with autism can be difficult and challenging for parents. There are many common issues that parents face when trying to raise a child with autism. Some of these issues include communication problems, behavioral issues, and struggles with social interaction. Parents often have to deal with a lot of stress and frustration when trying to care for a child with autism. However, there are ways that parents can help their children overcome these challenges and lead happy and successful lives.

Challenges of raising kids with autism

8 Common Issues That Parents Face When Raising Kids With Autism

    Let's see what are 8 common issues that parents face.

    1. Behavioral Issues

    It can be frustrating and difficult to deal with a child that has severe behavioral problems, such as aggression and irritability. This is often one of the most challenging parts of parenting a child with autism. They may have outbursts and tantrums where they hit themselves or others, scream uncontrollably, and bite themselves or other people.

    Behaviors are also inadvertently or accidentally reinforced by the caregiver. Caregivers sometimes ignore or give in to behaviors to avoid a tantrum, such as giving in to a request for food or not knowing how to help with fecal smearing. They may also reward negative behavior by letting the child stay up late or watch TV when they were behaving inappropriately and should have been sent to bed instead.

    2. Communication Problems

    Parents often experience communication problems with their autistic children. Many times children who have autism don't know how to communicate what they want or need, and other times these children don't feel comfortable doing so. 

    Difficulty in communication can lead to frustration for both the parent and the child, so much that parents of children with severe autism are unable to communicate with them at all.

    3. Social Interaction

    A common issue that parents face when raising children with autism is related to social interaction. Many children who have autism do not know how to interact with other people, especially in social settings outside of the home. 

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    These interactions can be difficult for both the child and the parent, who will often have to help the child behave appropriately. Not knowing how to interact socially can make it difficult for children with autism to make friends or be accepted by their peers.

    4. Stress and Frustration

    Being a parent is tough, but being the parent of a child with autism can be even tougher. Stress and frustration are often some of the most common issues that parents face. Parents may feel like they are not equipped to handle the challenges of raising a child with autism, and some even end up feeling like giving up.

    Some parents of children with autism may feel like they lack the knowledge and understanding that they need to care for their children. They may not know which therapies or treatments work best for their child, or even how to help them at home due to lack of training in this area. It can be frustrating when you don't know where to turn or who to talk to.

    However, parents need to realize that they aren't alone in these feelings and that there are many organizations out there that provide support for parents of children with autism.

    5. Impossible to Organize the Home

    Due to the behavioral issues that children with autism often have, it can be difficult for parents to maintain a clean and organized home. Cleaning up after an autistic child who is having an outburst or tantrum is very challenging, as they may destroy parts of the house or throw things around in frustration. When this happens, organizing the mess and cleaning it up can be impossible.

    It's not just during a tantrum that organizing and cleaning are difficult. Many children with autism often have difficulty in focusing on or taking part in daily chores such as making their bed, tidying up toys, picking clothes to wear, and taking care of their hygiene. This can make it challenging to maintain a clean, organized home.

    6. Not Having the Time For Themselves

    Parents often do not have enough time for themselves and this is especially true when they're raising a child with autism. This may be because parents spend much of the day caring for their children, planning activities and therapies, or just trying to keep them occupied.

    As well as not having enough time for themselves, many parents neglect their own needs to care for their children. As a result, the parents become overwhelmed and exhausted which leaves little time or energy for themselves.

    7. Sleepless Nights

    It is estimated that as many as 60% of parents with children who have autism have trouble sleeping at one point or another. 

    This lack of sleep can result from the child's frequent nighttime awakenings, bedwetting, talking in their sleep, or nightmares. It can also be due to hyperactivity during the day which can make it difficult for children to calm down and fall asleep.

    It's important for parents not to neglect their own needs for sleep, as a lack of it can make them irritable and cause them to be less patient with their children. Parents should remember that they need a healthy amount of sleep to function properly.

    8. Lack Of Support

    Many parents of autistic children feel like they lack support from family members and friends when raising their children. 

    Many times, relatives and friends do not understand the challenges that parents face in raising a child with autism, and this can lead to them not offering much help or support. It can also lead to them not understanding why things are done a certain way, and treating the child as if they do not have autism.

    And it's not only with family members and friends that parents lack support. Some parents do not receive enough support from their employers or teachers, causing them to miss work or school for long periods to care for their children. This can put a strain on the family's finances and cause problems at work if they are not able to make up for the time missed.


    Parents need to understand that raising children with autism is an ongoing journey, not something that is concrete or final. This means that there will be many periods of trial and error until children can behave appropriately in certain situations, communicate their needs, have meaningful social interactions, etc. 

    Parents should not be discouraged by this journey but rather stay strong and keep working towards the best outcome for their child with autism.

    The 8 common issues of raising kids with autism

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