6 Top Reasons Why Fish Makes a Good Pet

January 22, 2022

If you're thinking of getting an easy to maintain pet that takes up less space in your home, then a pet fish is a good option for you.

Companionship is a very important part of human life. This is why people have turned to all sorts of animals to keep them company. Pets are good for a variety of things but are especially good for people's mental health. Unfortunately, some rentals and apartment buildings don't allow people to have pets. This is largely due to the stigma that pets are dirty and will ruin the rental space.

Reasons why fish makes a good pet

6 Top Reasons Why Fish Makes a Good Pet

    Fish are great as pets

    There are a lot of reasons why some people don't like the idea of having to take care of pets, but fish make everything easier. They are good pets, with the only real downside being their short life span. But there are some reasons why fish makes a great pet! 

    Here's why.

    1. Fish aren't messy

    This is probably one of the biggest reasons why people don't like having pets. They are dirty, they make messes, and they smell! Fish like Koi fish make excellent pets and are the complete opposite of a stereotypical dirty pet. 

    Pet koi fish in a pond
    Photo by Sora Sagano on Unsplash

    They don't make a mess, and you could probably leave a fish tank in the middle of your living room and you won't even notice it. Sure, they might eat food and produce waste, but that is an easy problem to fix. It's not like you have to pick up their poop, and they don't make a mess as dogs or cats might.

    2. Fish don't need a lot of room

    Sure, fish tanks might take up some space, but they aren't exactly large. In fact, some people will house their fish in tiny aquariums that can barely fit half a goldfish. Sure, larger fish need more room, but even then it's not like they need a large space. 

    For example, the average goldfish will only grow to be about six inches long and can be kept in a small aquarium. Some fish require an aquarium that is less than 10 gallons, which is really the smallest you would want to house any fish in.

    3. Fish are cheap to feed

    Fish food isn't that expensive, even when you only buy the good stuff. And fish really don't eat that much. For example, one goldfish only needs to be fed once a day. That's really all they can eat in a day, and it's not like you have to buy a lot of food. A big container of fish food will be able to last a few months, depending on the size of your aquarium.

    4. Fish are easy to maintain

    Cleaning fish tanks is pretty simple, you just have to change the water out every couple of weeks. Other than that, there isn't much maintenance you need to do with fish. You might want to feed them a few times a day, but that's really it. 

    Colorful pet koi fish
    Photo by Tifenn Degornet on Unsplash

    You don't need to walk fish or clean up after them like you would a dog or a cat. While this might sound like a negative thing, it's actually one of the best things about fish!

    5. Fish don't live that long

    Even though fish only live a few years, it's still better than a cat or a dog. For example, dogs can live up to fifteen years, but the average life span is seven. Cats tend to live longer than dogs, usually twelve or so years, but their life span is usually five to eight years.

    Fish can live anywhere from three to ten years, but their life span tends not to go much lower than that. It's actually one of the best things about fish. Normally, this isn't something you want to hear about a pet, but it helps that they don't live as long.

    6. Fish don't need a lot of attention

    Because fish only live a few years, they don't require as much attention as other pets. If you come home from work and feed your fish, that's basically it. 

    You don't need to walk them or clean up after them. If you have a fish tank, you can leave for a few days and not have to worry about coming back home to a huge mess. Fish are the perfect pet for someone who works a lot or has a busy schedule that doesn't allow them to take on any more responsibility.


    Fish make a great pet because they are low maintenance, cheap to feed, and don't require a lot of attention. They also don't need a lot of space, which is great for people who live in small apartments. While fish do have a shorter life span than other pets, that's not really a downside when you consider all the benefits they offer.

    Fish are great pets

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