How I Got My First Book Published

January 11, 2022

I'd like to share my personal story about how I got my first book published with the help of Ukiyoto Publishing.

It has always been my dream to publish my own book and be called an author so when the opportunity to do so came, I was very ecstatic. In just under a week of creating my manuscript, editing and making revisions, and laying out the cover, my first ever book was ready and available in the market.

Getting my first book published

How I Got My First Book Published

    What my first book is all about

    I wrote a book called “Select Travel Stories From The Different Regions Of The Philippines,” which was published last October 2020.

    Its content is based on my old travel blog articles. This book contained mostly travel guides and tips, stories, and even sample itineraries from the different places around the Philippines that Mommy Khris and I previously visited.

    As such, I had some content to begin with and didn’t start from scratch which made the work easier and more efficient.

    Select Travel Stories From The Different Regions Of The Philippines comes in both digital and printed formats. 

    You can check here to know more about it as well as where to buy the book.

    The steps that I took in getting my book published

    It was very fortunate that in one of the blogging groups that I’m a member of, I saw a post from a scout asking for bloggers who want to have their own book published. The requirement is for the chosen bloggers to be able to revise their old blog posts into one cohesive material that is worthy of printing in a book.

    Select Travel Stories From The Different Regions Of The Philippines

    I didn’t think twice when I saw the post since there was no cost involved and then I wouldn’t have to start from nothing because I’d be using my existing articles.

    In terms of SEO, there would also be no duplicate content online because the digital version is an eBook in pdf format.

    I signed up for it and, luckily, I was one of the bloggers chosen to have their books produced. I will be paid based on royalty and will be credited to my account once it reaches a payment threshold.

    In terms of the actual steps, it was really a simple process. Here’s how it went.

    1. I received a message from the agent telling me to expect an email from the publisher, Ukiyoto Publishing.
    2. The email that I received from Ukiyoto Publishing contained the editorial guideline, including the minimum number of words, the requirements for the images to be included in the manuscript, the contract that will be sent to me separately, and the production timetable.
    3. At this point, the author is free to ask questions and make clarifications. Once everything was made clear to me, I proceeded with making the first draft of my manuscript. I chose my favorite trips around the Philippines for this book.
    4. Once I was fully satisfied with my draft and made revisions accordingly after proofreading it, I submitted the manuscript to Ukiyoto Publishing for layout.
    5. The initial layout was sent back to me for review. At this point, I was still free to make revisions and minor suggestions.
    6. Once the revisions were done, the manuscript was sent to me for final review. I also sent the text for the dedication as well as my short author profile. At this point, the publisher also sent me the cover design for my review.
    7. After getting the cover and the content done, Ukiyoto Publishing sent me the contract for my signature.
    8. After I sent the digital contact to Ukiyoto Publishing, I received news after a day or two that my book was already available online. Not only that, customers can also already order a paperback version of my book. I immediately ordered copies, of course.

    How to buy my book

    You can buy my book, Select Travel Stories From The Different Regions Of The Philippines, from these online book stores:


    I’ve always wanted to publish my own book, that's why I was very happy when I had the chance to do so. I initially thought that publishing my first book would be a complicated process but I was surprised that it was a breeze with Ukiyoto Publishing.

    In the end, I was able to publish my first book entitled Select Travel Stories From The Different Regions Of The Philippines in October 2020.

    My experience in getting my first book published

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