5 New Viviamo Belle de Jour Planners & Journals To Help You Rewrite Your Story

January 08, 2022

Here are some of the exciting things to look forward to from the new Belle de Jour planner and journal collection.

Viviamo, makers of the well-known Belle de Jour planners, has been helping and empowering Filipinos for 16 years through the products that they create. In fact, Dreampowerment is an advocacy that Viviamo and Belle de Jour have been passionately promoting through its Dreampowering products.

The new Belle de Jour planners and journals collection

5 New Viviamo Belle de Jour Planners & Journals To Help You Rewrite Your Story

    In pursuing its advocacy, Viviamo was able to attract a 10,000+ strong community through The Bella Tribe, BDJ Plan With Me, and You Got This Facebook Groups that ultimately help Filipinos desire a life full of love and joy through mindfulness, journaling with love, planning with courage and this year, coaching for abundance.

    The new year is an opportunity to start fresh

    While we are all back to our daily routines this 2022, many of us are still trying to fight the holiday hangover. Well, who wouldn’t miss the time spent with friends and loved ones over the holidays, even though it was just virtually or in small groups?

    Belle de Jour planners

    Those slow and unhurried moments allow us to have restful minds and peaceful hearts. In this moment of bliss, it’s good to begin assessing your goals and planning out what you want to achieve in the coming year.

    Despite the challenges of the past years, try approaching the year with a fresh perspective and positivity: look forward to 12 months of endless opportunities; 52 weeks and ways to be better; and 365 days of unknown possibilities. The power to choose what is right rests upon us.

    “COVID-19 has left many feeling displaced. ‘I’m stuck. What can I do? How do I move forward?’ The pandemic has affected us in so many ways, bringing up fear, worry, and even languishing. We, at Viviamo, want to reassure Filipinos that these feelings of hopelessness and despair can be replaced with hope and positivity. That is why we offer you the tools to help you switch from that mindset of ‘simply surviving’ to thriving! We have the power to rewrite our own stories,” shares Viviamo CEO Darlyn Ty-Nilo.

    Belle de Jour’s new year planner collection

    It’s no doubt that one of the planner brands that many Filipinos look forward to buying (and receiving) each year is Belle de Jour. These Belle de Jour planners are packed with many surprises that make jotting down plans and journals even more fun and enjoyable.

    You can literally turn a new page in your life with any of these products from Viviamo’s Belle de Jour 2022 Collection:

    1. The Belle de Jour Power Planner

    The Belle de Jour Power Planner (P599, P699, P1,199) is not a planner with empty pages. It’s a LIFE PLAN. BDJ believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. The 2022 edition is the support you didn’t know you need that will allow you to declare your purpose in life.

    New planners from Belle de Jour

    It gives you the space to remember who you are in 4 stylish designs that suit your personality and packed with lifestyle coupons from over 40 brands; free mobile and desktop wallpaper downloadables, Spotify playlists and NEW features this year include free virtual reality meditation videos and 12 Coaching Experiences led by 12 world-renowned experts in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Strengths Finding, Reiki Masters, Holistic Aromatherapists, Business and Beauty Experts, Energy Healers, Positive Psychologists, Motivational and Image Training Professionals in the BDJ Coach Quenza App that you can access from the pages of the BDJ Planner.

    “I wasn't much of a journaling person and was satisfied with simply writing my schedules on sticky notes. However, last year was highly toxic for me and I was in an identity crisis. When I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw an advertisement for the 2021 Journal and was intrigued with the design --the girl on the cover is beautiful and she looked confident. I liked the design, the content, and the marketing strategy so I decided to give journaling a try. A year has passed and I don't think I can ever live without your journal; I don't think I can ever use another journal if it's not the BDJ version. I've imprinted my soul into it and I will continue to support you as your journal has with its owners.” shares Trisha Manao, one of the many users of the BDJ Power Planner.

    2. The Navi Journal

    The Navi Journal (P599), on the other hand, invites you to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and features 12 magnificent staircases around the world that you can virtually explore through the exclusive I Am Cardboard virtual reality videos embedded in the QR codes of the monthly dividers throughout the year.

    Despite their grandeur and intricacies, these captivating staircases are still just a small representation of what your mind can create. And yes, it has a coupon booklet too!

    You might be thinking, “You never know what will happen in life. There are things that are out of your control.” This is why you struggle with using a planner.

    3. The Everything is Possible Planner

    The 2022 Everything is Possible Planner (P599) is inspired by phases of the moon that embody inspiration, renewal, and unwavering energy, this year’s EIP Planner is what you’ve been waiting for. Featuring 13 Monthly Calendars (covering Dec 2021 to Dec 2022), special Pages that help you achieve your goals and open possibilities and a vertical weekly layout with timestamps, EIP has been helping people achieve their big and small goals for a decade now.

    Belle de Jour notebooks

    It's a planner that's designed for go-getters like you who know exactly what they want and will do anything it takes to make those dreams happen. Now is the right time to finally stop feeling like a victim of circumstance and start living the life you want. It’s not too late. It never is. Just as the moon transitions, so will you.

    4. The Focus Journal

    And finally, The Focus 2022 Journal (P550) is a guide to help you accept your life as it unfolds. With each phase, chapter, or stage of life comes new challenges and experiences that make up the fabric of our lives. It’s a great tool to inspire you to shove the distractions aside and put your goals to the forefront. With it’s dedicated weekly grid layout and unique worksheet pages, you will be able to start building the tomorrow you want with laser-like clarity.

    5. Quest Journals

    Viviamo also has beautiful leather Quest Journals (P280, P499, P699, P999) in 4 sizes that you can switch out fillers and create a journaling system with, along with calendar pads and other productivity tools! Who says you only need one notebook? Get a journal for every aspect of your life, every piece of your brain to start rewriting your story.


    You can pour out your worries, visualize your dreams, and turn them into actionable plans with these exciting Belle de Jour planners and journals from Viviamo! These are also perfect as gift items for your friends who will surely get all excited when they receive a Belle de Jour planner.

    You can choose all or any of the planners and journals from www.shop.ilovebdj.com and www.crazyaboutpaper.com.

    Viviamo Belle de Jour journals

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