What Makes Golf a Great Sport for You and Your Kids

November 18, 2021

Find out in this post the different benefits of playing golf with your kids.

Now that minors are qualified to receive their much-awaited COVID vaccine, family plans are, once again, in full swing. If your children are budding athletes, a sports-centric holiday may be in the books. While many youngsters are avid fans of high-energy sports such as football or tennis, laid-back options like golf are not out of the question.

Reasons why golf is great for kids

What Makes Golf a Great Sport for You and Your Kids

    The top 7 benefits of playing golf with your kids

    If you’re considering a new sport for your child, here are a few reasons why golf makes for the best family activity.

    1. Regular physical activity

    Superfoods are an excellent way to give your child’s immune system a much-needed boost. However, children lacking physical activity may still experience a nutritional imbalance.

    Contrary to popular belief, golf provides a unique opportunity to practice cardio, build muscle strength and endurance, and improve coordination. Everything from leaning to grip a club to following through with a swing is one step closer to a healthier developing body.

    2. Suitable for all ages

    Unlike in sports such as basketball, where height provides an undeniable advantage, golf is suitable for anyone. Regardless of strength, age, or physical stature, young kids won’t feel at a disadvantage.

    Golf is also ideal for children who prefer individual sports over team sports. Even the shiest kids come out of their shells!

    3. Safe, low-risk sport

    Millions of children find themselves in the emergency room at least once due to a sports injury in a single year. The good news is, this is less likely to occur with a sport like golf. 

    A family playing golf
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    Golf is a no-contact, low-impact sport that reduces the likelihood of broken bones and strained muscles compared to sports like rugby or football.

    However, keep in mind that when learning to play golf, your child still runs the risk of injury with an improper swing or overuse. If you aren’t knowledgeable in the sport, consider hiring a mentor.

    4. Excellent way to learn etiquette

    Golf is nicknamed a “gentleman’s sport” for a reason—it entails serious amounts of etiquette. Players have to make their own judgment calls without a judge or referee and learn to govern other players with grace.

    In addition, players have to manage intense emotions and remain focused on the game.

    5. A good way to bond

    Golfing with your kids provides uninterrupted family time and opportunities to make unforgettable memories. Introducing your children to the sport also opens the door to new friendships. In addition, children who have difficulties socializing can enjoy enhanced interpersonal relationships.

    6. Time spent outdoors

    Part of staying fit is spending regular hours outdoors. Unfortunately, many underestimate the benefits of fresh air, sunlight, and being away from the city.

    Spending ample time outdoors can improve your child’s cognitive development, wellness, and mindfulness.

    7. Lifelong skills

    Golf is three-dimensional. Not only does it provide unique opportunities to travel or enjoy the outdoors, but it also teaches young children lifelong lessons like patience, confidence, persistence, and respect.

    Golf is excellent practice for children who might experience real-world frustrations or difficulties.


    While golf may not seem as popular as children’s sports like basketball, football, or badminton, it provides a surprising number of benefits for you and your family. Not only does your child get to improve their physical and mental skills, but they also get to enjoy precious time spent with family.

    The benefits of playing golf to children

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