How SMEs can take advantage of AUB and GCash’s expanded partnership in growing their business

July 06, 2021

Find out how the partnership of Asia United Bank (AUB) and GCash can help SMEs expand their business.

The Asia United Bank (AUB) and GCash have expanded their partnership to help local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in growing their business.

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How SMEs can take advantage of AUB and GCash’s expanded partnership in growing their business

    Reliable technology is a critical factor in ensuring the success of businesses. What’s encouraging to know, however, is that not only big businesses can benefit from the value proposition of modern technology. 

    Even SMEs can harness the advantages of modern electronic tools because of the support of larger commercial entities like AUB and GCash.

    The rise of online businesses in the Philippines

    If there’s one positive effect that the pandemic has brought, it was to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of many Filipinos. Proof of this is the birth and proliferation of many small businesses when the lockdown started.

    Pinoys had to tighten their belts when businesses closed and companies trimmed down their manpower complement to survive the economic slump brought by COVID-19. Instead of being disheartened though, Filipinos relied on their creativity to come up with novel food and handcrafted products as well as other items that are relevant to the times.

    With Filipinos’ love for social media and the Internet, and because of face-to-face transaction restrictions, online platforms have surged in popularity as the primary channel for selling goods. That’s not to mention that business owners have realized that it’s the most cost-effective method to reach customers since it eliminates the cost of maintaining a physical store.

    Filipinos are on Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok most of the time. It’s thus wise for small businesses to take advantage of this behavior to reach their target market.

    Helping SMEs through GLife and PayMate BOTTY

    GLife is a feature within the GCash app that expands its functionality to include bills payment, online shopping, food delivery, online games, and purchase of telephone prepaid loads and airline tickets, just to name a few.

    Online shopping
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    For those who are not yet familiar, PayMate BOTTY is an online solution that allows merchants to accept online orders and payments from customers conveniently through their website as well as through Facebook and Facebook messenger apps.

    The main benefits of PayMate BOTTY are as follows:

    • It's e-Commerce ready, which means merchants are freed from the maintenance cost of an e-commerce site.
    • It provides multi-channel access so that merchants and customers can communicate through various social media apps.
    • It has a fast Ordering system that provides quick online ordering with automated messaging bots.
    • It has a robust reporting system for access to real-time reports of orders.
    • It can help SMEs analyze data so that they can create a strategy to keep customer loyalty through promos, discounts, and rewards
    • It provides optimized operations because it's a fast online ordering system for customers since everything is done digitally. On the other hand, business owners can focus on revenue-generating and sales efforts.

    Here's how the AUB and GCash partnership can benefit SMEs:

    1. Expanded reach

    With AUB’s tie-up with GCash, merchants under the bank’s PayMate BOTTY will be able to accept online orders through GLife. That means merchants will be able to tap the 40 million GCash subscribers.

    “The partnership with GCash will enable our existing PayMate BOTTY merchants to offer their products and services in GLife,” said Mags Surtida, AUB First Vice President and Cards & Acquiring Business Group Head.

    Furthermore, PayMate BOTTY allows SMEs to display their digital menu, take orders, accept digital payments and integrate these with delivery for seamless online order fulfillment.

    2. Additional selling touchpoint

    “With GLife, one of the newest services offered by GCash, our PayMate BOTTY merchants can now also do fully automated selling via the GCash app, in addition to via Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and their website”, Ms. Surtida added.

    PayMate BOTTY and GLife partnership

    “Through GLife, we are bringing the merchants closer to our 40 million GCash customer base. Our customers do not need to use another app to order food or retail goods," said GCash president and CEO, Martha Sazon. 

    "With GLife, we want to cater to a wide variety of merchants representing lifestyle brands, restaurants, service providers, and specialty stores. Our program partnership and integration with PayMate BOTTY will bring more merchants to GLife,” Sazon added. 

    3. More payment options for merchants

    AUB and GCash embarked on a partnership to promote digital payments and financial inclusion in the Philippines. “This is aligned with our shared aspiration to digitally close the gap between the GCash users and AUB PayMate merchants” said AUB President Manuel A. Gomez.

    AUB’s PayMate BOTTY currently has one of the highest numbers of e-wallet brands accepted in its platforms such as Alipay, UnionPay QR, Thai QR, and SG Pay and big-name local players like GCash, GrabPay, Shopee Pay, Home Credit Pay, as well as HelloMoney.

    Moreover, It also enables AUB to tap into cross-border e-payment opportunities via its partnership with Singapore-based Liquid Group and position ahead for regional economic recovery and tourism revival.

    This makes PayMate BOTTY a good choice for local merchants. This platform helps them generate revenue by putting them into different digital platforms.

    “Our promise is ‘one set-up, equals multiple digital platforms to help them open more sales channels,” added Surtida.


    It’s good to know that there are companies like AUB and GCash that are ready to help SMEs thrive. With the expanded partnership of PayMate BOTTY and GLife, merchants will be able to enjoy a wider market reach.

    This is especially advantageous during this pandemic when a lot of people are turning to small online businesses as a means of their livelihood.

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    1. GCash is a very helpful mobile wallet for all of us since it is very convenient especially now that almost all transactions are done online. That's why this GLife and PayMate BOTTY are indeed a big help for more businesses in the new normal by enabling enterprises of different sizes to serve their customers and employees through digital means.

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    11. thank you for sharing po First time ko marinig about dito and i agree po big help lalo na ngayong may pandemic pa para less hassle.

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