6 Ways Intellifluence is Helping bloggers Earn Money

April 06, 2021

Sharing with you some great information about how you can earn when you sign up with Intellifluence, an influencer marketing platform.

I recently discovered an influencer marketing platform called Intellifluence to help me earn additional income on my blog and I’m so far happy with it.

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6 Ways Intellifluence is Helping bloggers Earn Money

    Intellifluence is an all-in-one solution that connects both brands and bloggers. Through Intellifluence, brands and bloggers or influencers can find opportunities where they can collaborate. For brands, this is extremely beneficial because they are assured that they are getting the right set of influencers that can help them with their promotional requirements.

    On the other hand, bloggers and influencers are given confidence that they are working with brands that are in tune with their niche, content, and even their personal advocacy.

    My growth as a blogger

    I have been blogging since 2007, so that gives me more than a decade in the online publishing field. Blogging for me was purely a personal endeavor; my blog served as my outlet and stress reliever where I can freely write my thoughts and opinions. Back then, I didn’t really think of it as an area where I can earn income. I just composed articles because I loved writing and nothing else.

    As years passed, food brands began to get in touch with me for collaborations but I kept it to a minimum because I wanted to keep my posts and experiences as authentic as possible.

    Later on, I realized that other bloggers that I admire are fine with brand partnerships and they still manage to provide reviews that are truthful and gives opinions that are completely their own. That’s when I realized that I can also do it, too, that is work with brands and still stay genuine.

    Working with brands eventually became a good source of supplemental income for me. Over time, I learned that, aside from working directly with brands, you can also sign up for marketing website, such as Intellifluence, that connects brand and bloggers making it easy to send pitches and land opportunities that I really like.

    As such, I was able to diversify my revenue stream and provided me with an income model that I consider unique as compared to my peers in the local blogging industry. Lastly, I’d like to mention that I don’t consider myself an influencer because I don’t fit that mold. 

    Sure, I use social media to promote my content and include it in my media kit to make it more attractive to brands. However, I am first and foremost a blogger. I write long-form content and I want to keep it that way because I enjoy it that that’s what separates me as a content creator.

    How bloggers and influencers can make money through Intellifluence

    Intellifluence is a great site to help bloggers and influencers make additional money. I say additional because Intellifluence will not bind you with a contract, as such, you can work with other platforms and make more revenue.

    Anyway, if you are interested to know more, here are ways you can earn income with Intellifluence:

    1. Product Reviews

    I love collaborations that involve product reviews because I find them to be practical. Aside from receiving monetary compensation, you can also opt to receive the equivalent amount in products (commonly known as ex-deals) which you can use either at home or for yourself. 

    These are products that you will eventually buy or spend on, anyway, so I like it. In exchange for the free products, you will have to write about your experience or give your honest opinion in using those products.

    I understand that ex-deals are not for all bloggers and some would rather receive actual payments and that’s perfectly fine.

    2. Product Promotion

    Aside from receiving products through Intellifluence, you can also opt to partner with a brand for product promotion. The difference with the product review is that you will not receive product samples but you will be compensated for writing about a particular product.

    Since you are being paid to promote the product, the brand will usually have full control over the tone and the content of the blog post. In other words, the slant is purely marketing. If you are lucky though, the brand will give you some leeway to use your own writing style but the editorial direction will come mostly from them.

    3. Sponsored Posts

    Sponsored posts differ from product promotion in slant and in tone. With sponsored posts, the writing style is usually not as too hard sell as product promotion. It would usually be a topic that is within the niche of your blog and it will mention the product sponsoring that post in passing. If you read it, you won’t even realize that it’s a sponsored post unless it is labeled as such.

    4. Influencer Referral

    Aside from working with brands, you can also earn from Intellifluence via influencer referrals. This works on a commission basis, so the higher the number of the influencer that you convince to sign up with Intellifluence, the bigger your income will be.

    5. Brand Referral

    This works the same way as influencer referral, only this time, it’s the brands that you are encouraging to sign up with Intellifluence. In this golden era of social media, luxury brands, as well as startups, will greatly benefit from influencer marketing. So, in a way, you are helping out these brands become successful in their marketing efforts.

    Again, the more brands that you persuade to go onboard, the higher your commission will be.

    6. Social media promotion

    Some brands may just opt for social media placements instead of blog posts. These brands will partner with influencers based on the number of their followers.

    While I consider social media to be short-term promotion, it provides high visibility for brands because users will immediately see the product being promoted in their news feed. Nonetheless, this is also a great way to earn money for bloggers.


    Those are the various ways that you can earn from your blog and social media when you partner with Intellifluence. It’s easy to sign up with Intellifluence, the dashboard is simple to navigate, and it’s pretty straightforward when sending pitches to brands.

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      Fransic - https://www.querianson.com/

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    20. Christy Angeli8 May 2022 at 03:30

      Wow! Thank you for sharing this! I've been looking for ways to increase cashflow and get more income streams. This sounds promising. But I am a new blogger, so I still have a long way to go. I have a decade to look forward to.

    21. Samantha Laycock8 May 2022 at 03:30

      I have never heard of this company before. Thank you for sharing. I have worked with a few products before that I absolutely love.

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    23. April Kitchens8 May 2022 at 03:30

      How awesome is this opportunity! Multiple streams of income is so beneficial.

    24. Hello, Christy. Anyone can sign up -- established and even bloggers who are just starting out. If you want, you can try because there are many good opportunities at Intellifluence. Here's the link (referral): https://app.intellifluence.com/influencers/register?referral=7xez9jw5q9x6j23dlpq8&type=influencers&fbclid=IwAR0_Be8IBUm-LXlLCgh4krsoVqo1ckVpy098w3eui53q0gQvkUMRAv_2pGI Good luck!

    25. I agree with you 100% about Intellifluence. At first I was concerned that it would degrade the reputation of my blog, which is something I refused to do. Like you, integrity was very important to me. I didn't want my readers to feel I was selling them a "bill of goods" without caring about how they'd actually feel when reading it. Being overly sales-y is a turn off for so many, including me, if I feel you don't really care.

      As you said though, it is nice to be able to make some income from our blogs. Let's be honest; it's hard work and a lot of time investment goes into what we do. Why shouldn't we be able to earn some money from it? Especially if we are bringing awareness to a product or service that does fit the needs of our audience and that we can stand behind!

      You've shared very helpful information here, thank you. You'll help a lot of bloggers feel empowered to make their own financial choices too. Blessings to you & yours! ❤️