Corner Tree Café: Serving Healthy & Delicious Vegetarian Food

February 04, 2021

If you are looking for delicious vegetarian food with many options, then the Corner Tree Café is highly recommended for you.

The Corner Tree Café may be a small restaurant but it isn’t hard to miss when you are walking along Jupiter Street in Makati City. It’s eye-catching because of its rustic look and the large Narra tree beside it, making it stand out among the other buildings around it. Corner Tree Café had the air of an antique house that had been converted into a restaurant.

Façade of the Corner Tree Café
Photo from Corner Tree Cafe's Facebook page (taken by Neal Oshima, September 2011)

Corner Tree Café: Serving Healthy & Delicious Vegetarian Food

    Our experience at Corner Tree Café

    Khris and I have long been planning to eat at the Corner Tree Café because we were intrigued by it each time we walk on this side of Makati. I had no idea what it served, I thought it was a coffee shop, but Khris knew that it was a vegetarian restaurant. Just the same, we couldn’t seem to find the time to stop at the Corner Tree Café to eat.

    The receiving area of the Corner Tree Café
    The receiving area of the Corner Tree Cafe

    Finally, one night when we were headed home from an ocular inspection, we decided to pass by the Corner Tree Café and order a takeaway for dinner. At last, we’d get to try the food here.

    When we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by a small receiving area with seats, a coffee table, books, and magazines. The walls of the receiving area are adorned with framed decors. Other than those, the restaurant’s walls are left unadorned.

    Inside the Corner Tree Café
    Inside the Corner Tree Cafe

    The interior of the Corner Tree Café is small, there were just a few small tables and chairs. The lighting was gentle and there was soft music playing in the background. It does give the ambiance of a coffee shop; cozy, home, and intimate. We liked it here because it was slow-paced and relaxing.

    What the Corner Tree Café has in its menu

    The Corner Tree Café’s menu features food from all over the world: Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and America.

    You can begin with starters:

    • Corner Tree Starter Plate (P305)
    • Dukka & Bread (P145)
    • Hummus with vegetable sticks or bread (P195)
    • Vegetable dumplings (P205)
    • Crispy vegetable lumpia (P170)
    • Greek Spinach Filo triangles (3 pieces – P205, 6 pieces – P385)
    • Spinach Feta croquettes (3 pieces – P220, 6 pieces – P390)
    • Cauliflower fritti with marinara sauce (P270)
    • Sweet potato fries with garlic mayo (P240)
    • Old-fashioned French fries (P210)

    Moving on to soups (cup – P130, bowl – 210):

    • Tomato and bread soup
    • Spinach and pechay chowder
    • Roasted carrot soup
    • Lebanese lentil soup

    And Salads:

    • Fresh fruit salad (P195)
    • Corner Tree Café’s raw organic salad (solo – P205, sharing – P350)
    • Mediterranean salad (solo – P285, sharing – P520, choices of lemon dijon vinaigrette and tahini garlic dressing)
    • Japanese mixed seaweed salad (solo – P260, sharing – P480)
    • Caramelized apple & feta salad (solo – P260, sharing – P480)
    • Quinoa salad with grilled asparagus (solo – P315, sharing – P580)

    For the main dishes:

    • Arroz ala Cubana (P270)
    • Spinach and mushroom lasagna (P550)
    • Spaghettini with broccoli and pine nuts (P340)
    • Thai veg curry (P365)
    • Veg nut roast (P360)
    • Veg bibimbap (P410, with the option to add an egg on top – P45)
    • Falafel sandwich (P325)
    • Teriyaki bowl (P340)
    • A bowl of chili (P345)
    • Koftas (P370)
    • North African vegetable stew (P390)
    • Baked tofu burger steak/Salisbury steak (P295)
    • Veg laksa (P340)

    For lighter options, sandwiches are available:

    • Baked tofu walnut burger (P375)
    • Grilled asparagus panini (P440)
    • Dilled egg salad sandwich (P325)
    • Vegan panini (P345)
    • Chickpea salad sandwich (P280)
    • Grilled cheese sandwich (vegan/non-vegan, P260)

    And for Filipino favorites:

    • Adsilog or adobong tofu-sinangag-itlog (P225)
    • Karen-kareng gulay (P265)
    • Veg laing (P230)
    • Veg sinigang (P250)

    Desserts to cap your meal:

    • Salted caramel chocolate torte (P210/slice)
    • Banoffee pie (P190/slice)
    • Fresh fruit with lemon poppyseed yogurt (P190)
    • Chocolate cake (P195)
    • Carrot cake (P195)
    • Raw pecan turtle pie (P280)
    • Crack cacao nib cookies (P45/piece, P550/box of 14)

    You can also order extra sides, kids’ meals, drinks, and alcoholic beverages.

    That’s an interesting mix of the vegetarian versions of international dishes. What we ordered was the Arroz ala Cubana which is made of minced tofu, tomatoes, green olives, and raisins, served with fried bananas, fried egg, and red rice, and also the Vegan Laing that is composed of taro leaves stewed in coconut milk and served with red rice.

    Corner Tree Cafe's Arroz ala Cubana
    Arroz ala Cubana (photo from Corner Tree Cafe's Facebook page)

    We immediately tried those two dishes when we arrived home and we were quite impressed with how well-seasoned the Arroz ala Cubana was. While it didn’t have the texture of meat, it was still delicious and went well with rice.

    Corner Tree Cafe's Veg Laing
    Veg laing (photo from Corner Tree Cafe's Facebook page)

    We also liked the creaminess and hint of spiciness of the laing although, of course, you can’t expect it to taste like the usual laing cooked with fish and bits of pork belly.

    All in all, we enjoyed the food that we ordered at the Corner Tree Café. It’s a great restaurant to consider if you are looking at embracing the discipline of veganism.


    The Corner Tree Café is a cozy restaurant tucked in a quiet nook along Jupiter Street in Makati City. It provides diners with a relaxing ambiance where they can enjoy good and affordable vegetarian versions of food from around the globe.

    The Corner Tree Cafe is located at 150 Jupiter Street Corner Saturn St., Makati City. For inquiries, you may call telephone number (02) 8897 0295. It also has a branch in R3 Level (New Wing), Rockwell Center, Makati.

    They accept deliveries. You can also pay with credit cards.

    Corner Tree Café restaurant and food review

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