5 reasons to love Balai Kabute’s Mushroom Chips

June 05, 2020

Balai Kabute’s mushroom chips will keep you wanting to eat more because they are scrumptious, wholesome, and delightfully crispy.

Balai Kabute’s mushroom chips are scrumptious, wholesome, and delightfully crispy. As such, it’s a great way to indulge one’s palate without the guilt that usually comes after giving in to the lure of junk food.

Original flavor and salted egg flavor mushroom chips from Balai Kabute
Balai Kabute’s Mushroom Chips

5 reasons to love Balai Kabute’s Mushroom Chips

    Mushroom chips have long roused my curiosity in terms of how they taste as well as the texture. In addition, I thought that they were a healthier alternative to regular chips so having them would mean guilt-free snacking. It’s a good thing that I discovered Balai Kabute’s Mushroom Chips, so I was able to finally try it for myself.

    Personally, I love mushrooms and I incorporate them to sautéed vegetables whenever they are available at the supermarket. Mushrooms add a meaty and savory taste to simple vegetable dishes so they’re always handy to have in the refrigerator.

    Processed as chips though, the first thing that comes to mind is the consistency of the mushrooms – do they become tough or do they lose flavor? Amazingly, the mushrooms remained pleasantly crunchy and flavorful. Of course, the ultimate test is to try mushroom chips yourself to be able to appreciate it.

    If you need further convincing, here are 5 reasons why I love Balai Kabute’s Mushroom Chips:

    1. Satisfyingly crunchy

    Initially, I had doubts about the texture of mushroom chips because mushrooms, in general, are quite watery when fresh. Thus, I was surprised to find out that Balai Kabute’s Mushroom Chips are pleasantly crunchy and enjoyable to munch on.

    Balai Kabute’s Mushroom Chips original flavor
    Original Flavor Mushroom Chips

    When I received my orders at the office, I excitedly opened one and could not stop myself from finishing it in one sitting. It had the pleasant and satisfying crunch of a regular bag of chips.

    2. Delicious and Flavorful

    Balai Kabute’s Mushroom Chips are delicious and flavorful. I like the meaty and savory taste of mushrooms so I ordered the original flavor and it did not disappoint. What I like about it is that it tasted natural with just the right balance of saltiness. It was not overly-seasoned so that the flavor becomes artificial.

    It’s also nice to know that Balai Kabute offers mushroom chips in different flavors, namely original, garlic, sour cream and onion, barbecue, and salted egg. As such, whatever taste it is that you are craving, there are options that you can choose from. I tried the salted egg variant and liked it, too, because it tasted of rich and authentic salted egg sauce.

    3. Healthy

    Oyster mushrooms have numerous nutritional benefits to the body because they are high in protein and fiber, and are rich source of iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, calcium, folic acid, and Vitamins C, D, B1, B3, B5, and B12. Oyster mushrooms are also low in calories, gluten-free, and fat, and cholesterol-free.

    Aside from their rich nutrient content, oyster mushrooms promote heart health, support better immunity, reduce cancer risk, and improve metabolic health. 

    Mushroom chips are also healthier alternative to regular processed potato or corn chips. Balai Kabute’s Mushroom Chips are made by deep frying the caps of fresh organic oyster mushrooms. Even so, the cooking process uses less oil and no eggs. Flavors and seasonings are added after the desired crunch and texture are achieved.

    Buyers are also assured of freshness because only limited batches are cooked per production.

    4. Easy to order

    Mushroom chips are available in most grocery stores and supermarkets, as well as among resellers. You can even order Balai Kabute’s Mushroom Chips online through its Shopee store. I ordered mine via Shopee and it was a breeze. What's more, shipping was fast as the mushroom chips arrived after a fair amount of waiting time.

    5. Affordable

    Balai Kabute’s Mushroom Chips are around Php100 to Php135 for 100g depending on the flavour. Do take note that there is additional shipping cost if you order online. I think that is already a fair price to pay considering the freshness of the ingredients used and the advantages of mushroom chips as compared to regular munchies.

    Salted egg flavor mushroom chips from Balai Kabute
    Salted Egg Flavor Mushroom Chips

    Balai Kabute’s mushroom chips is a business owned by my college batch mate which she started with her husband some years ago. Balai Kabute is actually the farm where they grow organic oyster mushrooms. From here, the oyster mushrooms are processed into chips as well as other products like mushroom bits (stems), mushroom bagoong (it mimics the taste of shrimp paste), and Mushi Mushi mushroom seasoningmix.

    By the way, when I ordered mushroom chips from Balai Kabute, sample packs of the Mushi Mushi mushroom seasoning mix were included in the package. This seasoning mix is vegan-friendly as it uses oyster and shiitake mushroom powder, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, and other spices.

    I tried Mushi Mushi mushroom seasoning mix on my stir-fried vegetables and it added a lot of flavor with just a small amount. I think this mushroom-based seasoning, being made out of natural ingredients, is also a better and healthier alternative as compared to the more popular seasonings available in the market.

    Mushi Mushi mushroom seasoning from Balai Kabute
    Mushi Mushi Mushroom Seasoning Mix

    Lastly, if you are allergic to shrimps but would still like to eat bagoong (shrimp paste), try Balai Kabute’s vegan mushroom bagoong made of oyster mushrooms, spices, annatto oil, and salt.

    All of these products can be conveniently ordered through Balai Kabute’s online shop at Shopee and delivered to your preferred address.

    Have you tried mushroom chips yet? Did you like it? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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    1. Personally love cooking with mushrooms. I read that it is filled with nutrients and vitamins, this food item is not only good for health but also extremely beneficial for the skin. That's why we must try this Balai Kabute’s Mushroom Chips, for sure kids will also love this. It is more better than any junk foods.

    2. kahit po super hilig ko po sa mushroom kapag sa food may mushroom yun po agad ang kinukuha ko😁 gusto ko pong i try itong mushroom chips itsura pa lang talagang masarap na siya healthy pa at talagang malutong at kinaganda po nito tama lang ang ingredients niya na di gaanong maalat at ang daming flavor na pag pipilian gusto ko ma try yung bbq at sourcream at easy to order pa pede sa shopee at afford po ang price🤗🥰

    3. Thats really exciting to have tand taste this.. packaging and Name plang ng Kind of Snacks na to sobrang nkKaAmaze na, Mushroom truly so healthy po talaga, that's why i really want to taste this, surely magugustuhan din to ng karamihan...

    4. Wow!! Parang gusto ko pong matry ito.. Lalo nat ang daming mapag pipilian. Never papo kasi talaga ako nakatikim nito. Pero interested talaga ako kung ano ba talaga ang lasa nito 😊🥰 Lalo nay napaka healthy din talaga ng Mushroom.. Must try po talaga ito.

    5. We should really focus on eating something just like this Balai Kabute's mushroom chips because it will not only satisfy us but also give us a great benefits. People will not enjoy eating this mushroom chip but also keeping themselves healthy. I think its perfect to eat this while watching your favorite shows,drama, movies, or anime.

    6. Balai Kabute’s mushroom chips are a must try. I love the reasons that you have listed. I love that it's very affordable and delicious. Aside that you can enjoy this scrumptious chips you can send this also as a gift.