South Carolina: driving tips + things to do at the Palmetto State

Friday, 17 April 2020

South Carolina, located at the Southeastern side of the United States, is blessed with natural wonders, beautiful beaches, and interesting heritage sites.

South Carolina, located at the Southeastern side of the United States, is blessed with natural wonders, beautiful beaches, and interesting heritage sites.

Charleston Bridge in South Carolina
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South Carolina: driving tips + things to do at the Palmetto State

    South Carolina is also known as the Palmetto State, a name it has taken after its official state tree, the Sabal Palmetto. The state is characterized by humid subtropical climate, as such, both residents and visitors are afforded with nice weather during most of the year. That means more opportunities for outdoor activities as well as leisurely driving throughout its highways and coastlines.

    Oak tree in South Carolina
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    Nonetheless, while the roads and the great outdoors are inviting, it would be best to keep in mind some road safety precautions. 

    Here are some driving tips and facts to keep in mind, especially for first-timers, when in South Carolina:

    Be aware of toll roads

    When on the road, one of the things that catches visitors by surprise are toll roads. Thus, always carry change with you so you do not end up being bothered with looking for change at toll roads.

    Heritage house in South Carolina
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    Also, South Carolina roads are well-maintained. However, no matter how careful you are, accidents do happen. If you are caught in a similar situation, you may want to speak to a lawyer who can answer specific questions related to road problems and accidents.

    Be ready for sweltering hot summers

    Summers in South Carolina are a different story. Temperatures can reach up to more than 91 degrees Fahrenheit or 32 degrees Celsius.

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    When coming to the state during summer, ensure that your car is well-serviced with good air conditioning. Lastly, do not leave without adequate supply of clean drinking water in your car. 

    Roads can get congested so plan ahead

    Since South Carolina has a multiple tourist hotspots, roads can get congested. As such, plan your trips ahead to avoid the hassle of heavy traffic and arriving late for your itinerary or appointment.

    6 Best Things to Do in South Carolina

    Speaking of tourist hotspots, the state has a lot of beautiful destinations to cater to the taste of travelers. Here are some of the things that you can do in the Palmetto state:

    1. Go on an outdoor adventure 

    Outdoors at South Carolina
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    There are many outdoor activities to do in South Carolina. These are whitewater rafting at Chatooga River, zip lining are Blue Ridge Mountains, and mountain biking, hiking, and camping out at Paris Mountain State Park, just to name a few. 

    2. Take a boat ride down Edisto River

    Edisto River is the longest free-flowing black water river in the USA. You can paddle down through its waters and enjoy sceneries and wildlife as you travel along its banks.

    Reedy River at South Carolina
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    3. Visit Devils Fork

    Devils Fork is every outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. Here, visitors may hike, camp out, or ride a boat in the river for a different kind of thrill.

    4. Go to Hilton Head Island

    Hilton Head Island is characterized by a seemingly endless shoreline of white sand beaches. Spend a day under the sun for a relaxing day with your loved ones in one of the family-friendly beaches in the island.

    5. Enjoy the Grand Strand at Myrtle Beach

    Myrtle Beach City is most popular for its stunning beaches. The Grand Strand, a strip of beaches of up to 60 miles, is full of many activities to offer to visitors. You can choose from the many things to do here such as a trip to a quiet fishing village, upscale resorts, restaurants, and even a bit of history.

    Snow on a bridge at South Carolina
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    6. Go on a Heritage Tour

    South Carolina is also teeming with heritage sites and attractions. Learn a bit of history as you marvel at beautiful houses and structures be going on a heritage tour in Charleston, Greenville, Hilton Head Island, Columbia, Myrtle Beach, and Fort Summer National Monument, to mention a few.


    So the next time you plan your trip around the USA, don't forget to include South Carolina in your itinerary.


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