The Grand Kitchen treats guests to a unique dining room buffet concept

Monday, 3 February 2020

The Grand Kitchen, Grand Hyatt Manila’s signature restaurant, treats diners to a unique culinary experience via its interactive gastronomic stations.

The Grand Kitchen, Grand Hyatt Manila’s signature restaurant, treats diners to a unique culinary experience via its interactive gastronomic stations. 

Porchetta or roast pork belly with crunchy skin and juicy meat at The Grand Kitchen

The Grand Kitchen treats guests to a unique dining room buffet concept

    Here at The Grand Kitchen, patrons may choose from a variety of expertly-curated international cuisines, a majority of which are prepared fresh and only once the order has been placed. Thus, at The Grand Kitchen, food is delivered hot and cooked to your liking.

    The grill station with chefs in action at The Grand Kitchen
    The grill station

    Our Experience at The Grand Kitchen – location and ambiance

    We went to The Grand Kitchen to celebrate the birthday of a friend.  The restaurant is located in the bustling Bonifacio Global city (BGC) in Taguig City. I consider BGC to be an ultra-modern and chic location. However, it can be hard to drive around because of the notoriously heavy traffic inside.

    Board containing different spices at The Grand Kitchen
    Spice board

    However, when we went here, the traffic was surprisingly light, considering that it was also a Friday evening.

    Upon arrival, we immediately went to The Grand Kitchen to catch our reservation. When we got there, we were struck by how opulent the restaurant looked. I have to admit that I was a little intimidated at first. 

    Bottles of white wine Moscato at The Grand Kitchen
    Bottles of white wine

    We warmed up soon though because of the relaxing lights and the privacy accorded by the abundant space between tables. We were also offered a glass of wine by our server but we declined it until later into our meal.

    Hainanese chicken on display at The Grand Kitchen
    Hainanese chicken

    Grand Hyatt Hotel takes pride in The Grand Kitchen as its dining room. The restaurant certainly looks like a big dining room and kitchen, complete with displays of fresh ingredients, spices, and seasonings.

    Flavored salt at the grill station of The Grand Kitchen
    Flavored salt

    I scanned the whole place and could not help but notice how good-looking the food arrangements were. The food choices were presented beautifully; one could not help but take photos of the various cuisines on display.

    While there were a good number of diners that night, we still noticed how spacious the floor area was. As such, getting food was comfortable and not awkward.

    Food at The Grand Kitchen

    The food selection at The Grand Kitchen is quite outstanding. For starters, you can visit the cold cuts station for slices of cured meats, nuts, and cheeses.

    Cheese board with various cheese choices at The Grand Kitchen
    Cheese board

    Fresh lettuce leaves at the salad station of The Grand Kitchen
    Fresh lettuce leaves

    The salad station is also a must-visit; we loved how the lettuce leaves looked so crisp and green, as well as how fresh and juicy the cherry tomatoes seemed.

    Cold cuts at The Grand Kitchen
    Cold cuts

    Fresh and bright red cherry tomatoes at The Grand Kitchen
    Cherry tomatoes

    The carving station is definitely one that should not be skipped. There was porchetta on display; the juicy meat and the crunchy skin looked very tempting. It was served with liver sauce but I prefer porchetta without a heavy sauce. 

    The meat was indeed moist and the skin was delightfully crispy; however, I would have loved it with a little more seasoning. It tasted a little bland for me which was a bit disappointing because pork belly should always to take center stage in any gathering.

    Chefs grilling steak at the grill station of The Grand Kitchen
    Chefs grilling steak

    At the carving station, you could also request for steak. The chefs will cook it based on your chosen doneness. There are various sauces available but, again, good quality meat needs just a little seasoning to bring out its delicious flavors.

    Fresh octopus and salmon at the Japanese station of The Grand Kitchen
    Octopus and salmon

    One other station that I think diners at The Grand Kitchen should not miss is the Japanese seafood station. Seafood lovers will be happy with the selection of salmon, tuna, octopus, and scallops.

    Fresh sashimi at the Japanese station of The Grand Kitchen
    Fresh sashimi

    Crab sticks and scallops at the Japanese station of the The Grand Kitchen
    Crab sticks and scallops

    I got several pieces of salmon, scallops, and octopus, and paired it with a glass of Moscato. It was a very satisfying combination. If I were to recommend two food stations at The Grand Kitchen, it would be the carvery and the Japanese food.

    Maki rolls at the Japanese station of The Grand Kitchen
    Rolls of maki

    We also tried the food from other stations but they were mostly forgettable as the meats were quite dry.

    Having had our fill of all the mouth-watering food, we went to the dessert station to cap our meal. There were not many choices except for the usual pastries and crepe. There were fresh fruit and fruit juices though which was good for those who are looking for something healthy.

    Fresh orange, rambutan, green apples, and fruit juices at the dessert station of The Grand Kitchen
    Fresh fruits and juices

    Fresh rambutan at the dessert station of The Grand Kitchen
    Fresh rambutan

    I just had several scoops of ice cream which I smothered with caramel sauce, and some churros with chocolate dip. By this time, I was already full so I just had two or three pieces of churros and finished my cup of ice cream. 


    We were happy to be able to try the food at The Grand Kitchen. While there were some notable selections, not all of the dishes lived up to our expectations. Nevertheless, it was still an enjoyable dinner buffet with our friends. Service was impeccable plus you could have as much wine as you want.

    Vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce at the dessert station of The Grand Kitchen
    Vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce

    Dinner buffet at The Grand Kitchen is priced at Php2,022, inclusive of tax and subject to 10% service charge. Credit cards are accepted here.

    Churros with chocolate dip from the dessert station of The Grand Kitchen
    Churros with chocolate dip

    The Grand Kitchen of Grand Hyatt Manila is located at 8th Avenue corner 35th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Manila, Philippines, 1634. For reservations, you may call +632 8838 1234 or book through this portal. If you want to check the menu, you may do so here.


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