5 Tips for Keeping Your Home and Family Safe During the Holidays

October 07, 2019

Whether you are traveling or staying home for the holidays, keep your belongings and your family safe through these 5 simple tips.

Over 35 percent of the American population will travel this holiday season. Whether you are traveling or staying home for the holidays, finding ways to keep your possessions and your family safe is a must. Unfortunately, the number of home burglaries rises substantially during the holiday season.

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Home and Family Safe During the Holidays

    However, there are several things you can do to keep burglars at bay. Read below for some helpful tips on how to keep your home and your family safe this holiday season.

    Use the Security Technology at Your Disposal

    Most homeowners fail to realize just how many affordable security systems and devices there are on the market. The biggest misconception homeowners have is that this type of technology is just too expensive. In reality, security systems such as Honeywell, for example, are both reasonably priced and effective.

    If you already have an Amazon voice-controlled smart device in your home, you can pair it with this security system. Once paired, you can ask your Amazon device to tell you the status of your security system. If you are looking for information on how to perform this pairing, this blog post can be a great starting point.

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    Make Sure All Doors and Windows are Locked

    The best way to figure out how well secured a home is will be to perform a thorough inspection. When performing this inspection, be sure to pay close attention to the windows and doors. In some cases, a homeowner will leave one of their windows unlocked by mistake. Failing to correct this mistake will give a burglar an easy path into your home.

    If you want to take the security of your windows to the next level, having motion sensors installed is a wonderful idea. Pairing these sensors with your security system can help to make your home an impenetrable fortress.

    Properly Illuminate the Outside of Your Home

    Before deciding to burglarize a particular home, a thief will case it out. If the thief notices that there are no lights on the outside of the residence, they will usually decide that it will be easy to burglarize. Instead of leaving your home vulnerable to this type of attack, work on getting some exterior lights installed.

    Not only can exterior lights increase the appeal your home has, but they can also make the job of a burglar more challenging. Hiring professionals to install motion-sensor lights is also a good idea. These lights will immediately come on if they detect movement. Putting a spotlight on a would-be burglar is a great way to scare them off for good.

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    Avoid Posting About Your Holiday Trip on Social Media

    Millions of people use social media platforms like Facebook daily. While these sites are a great way to stay connected with the ones you love, you need to choose what you post about carefully. Posting pictures of you away during the holidays can make it much easier for a burglar to pinpoint their next mark. This is why you need to avoid posting about your trip until after you have returned.

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    Consult With Security Professionals

    If you are unsure about how to secure your home for the holidays, reaching out for professional help is crucial. With the assistance of a home security professional, keeping your home and your family safe will be much easier.

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    1. Useful post mate. Well put together. We take these things for granted don't we?

    2. These are very important tips. I never post about my trips until after I've returned. It's just an invitation to be robbed.

    3. Posting about it on social media is such a mistake. I have a friend who did this and ended up paying the price as thieves were able to pinpoint her home's location. Eek!

    4. Thank you for the reminders. So many people post about their trips (we have done it too!) We have to keep that in mind! Great post!

    5. These are great tips. It's good to be reminded during holidays. I will take note of it.

    6. Consulting with security professionals, is the best idea, to me. That way, you get to receive first-hand information and insights into the minds of criminals!

    7. This is something we've always been told to do, especially when we still lived at home.

    8. These are good tips for keeping safe. we can’t be too sure when it comes to home safety

    9. Alvern Success Unscrambled8 May 2022 at 03:16

      Two nights ago I dreamt that someone drove up to the house and stole some firewood. It was such a weird dream. Anyway, I haven't heard of any break ins in this area recently.

    10. Staying safe during the holidays is key. We always make sure our home is protected.

    11. It's so easy to forget your windows unlocked when you go on holiday, especially when you live at a lower floor which is easy accessible by a good climber.

    12. Objectively, I lived the summer holidays in a very peaceful way and for the winter ones I really hope not to be a victim of the psychosis of states and people ...

    13. AiringMyLaundry8 May 2022 at 03:17

      These are some great reminders! I always make sure to keep my home well lit and I always lock the doors. You just never know these days!

    14. Our neighborhood has had a lot of break ins. So this is very good info

    15. Jessi Joachim8 May 2022 at 03:17

      These are really important for keeping your home safe when traveling! I always make sure my motion lights are working before we go.

    16. I agree with you not to tell the world on social media when travelling. Keeping motion lights is a very good idea. Thanks for sharing

    17. Great advice. I especially love the advice about keeping your holiday off social media until you return, especially if you own your own home and know it'll be empty. It was something my dad always told us to do when we still lived at home.

    18. That's true so better be always mindful of your windows.

    19. That is true, a wise thing to keep in mind.

    20. Yes, that's right. It wouldn't hurt to be mindful of these tips.

    21. Thank you so much. Yup, better to be safe than sorry.

    22. Yes, that's true. So many things happening nowadays, it's hard to keep your guard down.