Burnt Edges by Shrimp Bucket: an explosion of flavors

February 08, 2019

Burnt Edges by Shrimp Bucket offers dangerously delicious rice dishes that are sure to satisfy those who are craving something indulgent and rich.

Burnt Edges by Shrimp Bucket offers dangerously delicious rice dishes that are sure to satisfy those who are craving something indulgent and rich.

Burnt Edges by Shrimp Bucket's menu selection

Khris and I wanted to treat a friend out for lunch because it was her last day at work. Burnt Edges by Shrimp Bucket was not in our initial plan. In fact, I made a reservation at Locavore which was just beside Burnt Edges. However, Locavore was full and had a long queue waiting. It did not look like we would have a seat soon so we decided to look for an alternative.

Burnt Edges by Shrimp Bucket was just beside Locavore so it was a logical choice. The menu also looked promising enough to warrant a second look. Actually, the seafood selection is good; just thinking about it is making me hungry.

What we had at Burnt Edges by Shrimp Bucket

Since it was also packed for lunch, we already placed our orders in advance. We had Deep Fried Baby Squid (Php220) and Buffalo Chicken Wings (Php225) for our appetizer. For mains, Khris had Pork Chorizo Rice topped with Shrimps (Php 360) while I had Aligue Rice topped with Pork Belly (Php 360).

Burnt Edges by Shrimp Bucket's Deep Fried Baby Squid
Deep Fried Baby Squid

The interiors of the place is not too spacious but the tables are adequately spaced so diners are not cramped. The design of the area is reminiscent of a bar or pub so I guess it also transforms to a drinking hole at night. 

Our experience

Having placed our orders in advance, we did not have to wait long for our food to arrive. The mains were served right after the appetizers arrived. The Deep Fried Baby Squid is best eaten right after it leaves the frying pan. It was served warm and crunchy which made it delightful to munch on. You can enjoy the crispy baby squid either with a cup of rice or a bottle of beer; it will satisfy you both ways.

Burnt Edges by Shrimp Bucket's Buffalo Chicken Wings
Buffalo Chicken Wings

I also tried a piece of the chicken wings and it was flavorful. Each wing was evenly coated with a spicy-tangy buffalo sauce and the skin still had a slight crunch to it. The heat level of the sauce is just right so those who are not fans of overly spicy food can still enjoy it.

Burnt Edges by Shrimp Bucket's Aligue Rice with Pork Belly
Aligue Rice with Pork Belly 

I guess the real star of our meal was the Aligue (crab fat) Rice. The intensity of the flavors was just so irresistible. My nose was stuffy that time and, more often than not, I could not taste the food that I was eating. Nonetheless, the Aligue Rice was an overload of rich seafood flavors. The Pork Belly went well with the rice but I guess any topping, especially seafood, would also be a great complement to this rice.

Burnt Edges by Shrimp Bucket's Pork Chorizo Rice and Shrimp
Pork Chorizo Rice and Shrimp

I had a spoonful of Ynah’s Chorizo Rice and it was also good. The smoky bits of sausage lent deep flavors to the rice. It was also enjoyable to eat but the flavors are a lot more tamed as compared to the Aligue Rice.

Our verdict

We were completely happy with our decision to eat at Burnt Edges by Shrimp Bucket. The food was surprisingly delicious, the price was just right, and the service was quick. We are actually already planning to go back because wanted to try what appeared to be a shrimp boil (it was shrimps in a bag with corn).

Here are the other locations of Burnt Edges by Shrimp Bucket:
  1. Ground Floor, Three Central, Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City 
  2. Roofdeck, Glorietta 1, Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City

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