Honda Shadow Aero 750 OEM parts buying guide for travelers

January 23, 2019

The Honda Shadow Aero 750 is one of the most popular models among motorcycle enthusiasts.

The Honda Shadow Aero 750 is one of the most popular models among motorcycle enthusiasts. This powerful bike features a sleek and attractive design that is definitely a head turner when you are casually cruising the road. It’s every solo traveler’s dream vehicle because it gives them the freedom to move and quickly go from one place to the next without the burden of thinking about their parking space as against bringing a car.

Honda Shadow Aero 750 OEM parts buying guide

Just like any other vehicle, regular maintenance of the Honda Shadow Aero 750 is a must. At some point, no matter how religiously you try to maintain your bike, your Honda Shadow Aero 750 will ultimately require some repairs or even for some of its parts to be replaced.

When it comes to replacement parts for your Honda Shadow Aero 750, you have several options like OEM, reconditioned, OE, or aftermarket, just to name a few. You can buy any of these from a local shop or, more conveniently, from an online store. However, before making an actual purchase, you might want to do a little research in order for you to fully understand your various options.  For most vehicle owners, the choice boils down between OEM and aftermarket parts.

What is difference between OEM and aftermarket parts?

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer.  In automotive parlance, an OEM is a company that makes original equipment or parts. These parts are then assembled or fused together during the manufacturing of a new vehicle.

On the other hand, aftermarket parts are those that are manufactured by companies aside from OEM. These parts are often used as replacement parts of vehicles beyond the manufacturing stage.

For example, if a person needed to replace the thermostat of his car made by Company A and opted to get a thermostat from the same company, then the replacement vehicle component is an OEM part. Otherwise, if the vehicle owner buys the replacement part from another company, then it is called an aftermarket ATV part.

For most owners of Honda Shadow Aero 750 or any other Honda motorcycle, it is more preferred to buy aftermarket Honda motorcycle parts because it is more cost-effective as well as readily and conveniently available. In the end, always weigh your options when deciding on which product to buy because in many cases, OEM parts boast of far more superior quality over other options.

motorcycyle parts buying guide for travelers

When to buy aftermarket and OEM parts for your motor vehicle

The type of part or component for your motorcycle or car depends largely on your needs and your budget. As a general guideline, cars and other vehicles that are less than five years old would greatly benefit from the quality and life span of OEM parts.

For vehicles that are older than five years old, you have the flexibility to choose either OEM or aftermarket parts depending on how much you would want to spend for repairs. All the same, remanufactured and aftermarket parts also work best for cars and motorcycles that are of older models.

OEM motorcycle parts buying guide

What are the advantages of Honda Shadow Aero 750 OEM motorcycle parts?

Honda motorcycle OEM parts are undoubtedly of superior quality and in great demand in many parts of the world. Many automotive companies get OEM parts from Honda because of the following reasons: 

  • Honda is capable of building parts, devices or components at a lesser price.
  • They have the means to produce parts in mass quantity while still maintaining strict quality control.

In general, most car or motorcycle owners prefer OEM parts over aftermarket parts for their vehicles because they get warranty, they enjoy 24x7 customer service support with quick and timely responses, and the quality of the parts are topnotch. 

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