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Caribbean is a name that has become synonymous to breathtaking beaches, lively music, seemingly endless merrymaking, and wonderful gastronomic fares.

The Caribbean is actually a region composed of many island nations in the Caribbean Sea. Some of the more well-known territories include Aruba, Barbados, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico, just to name a few. Most of these territories are blessed with pristine shorelines, spectacular mountain ranges, and teeming marine biodiversity. As such, these islands have become favorite destinations among travelers because of the many adventures that await them here.

Here are top destinations that you can include in your travel list when you plan your next trip. These are from Barbados and Jamaica, two of Caribbean’s enthralling gems.

Visit Barbados

1. Bridgetown

Barbados is located at the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean region. It is a country with a rich and historic British colonial past. As such, expect to find World Heritage sites here, particularly Bridgetown, the capital and largest city of Barbados, and its Garrison historic area. For centuries until today, Bridgetown is an important commercial and business district of Barbados.

Having been occupied by the British, Barbados’ culture is an amalgamation of West African and British. Cricket is a game that is well-loved in Barbados.


2. Barbados Rum Tour

Did you know that Barbados was considered as the origin of rum? Rum is derived from molasses fermented into alcohol. The alcohol is then distilled to remove impurities and create a drink that distinctly defines this Caribbean island’s culture. A Barbados Rum tour, covering distilleries (including the oldest one in the world) and rum shops, is the perfect way to better appreciate the world-renowned rum.

3. Beach bumming

A visit to Barbados would not be complete without a visit to some of its most famous beaches. Some of these are Sandy Lane Beach, where there are regular sightings of international celebrities; Mullins Beach if you are looking for small beach with a bar and restaurant; and Martin’s Bay is your best destination if you want to escape the big crown and frolic in unadulterated beaches.

Adventures in Jamaica

Jamaica is the fourth largest nation in the Caribbean. Previously ruled by Spanish and British, Jamaica is also a melting pot of cultures. Jamaica is perhaps best-known for reggae music, popularized worldwide by Bob Marley. A beach getaway is an easy choice when going to Jamaica because the nation is also blessed with gleaming shores.


Apart from beaches, Jamaica has other surprises in store for travelers. One of these is the Rastafari Indigenous Village, which is a theme park that depicts the Rastafari culture and how it fits in the overall Jamaican culture. Here, visitors may learn about organic farming, traditional crafts-making, and music.


Lastly, another attraction in Jamaica that is worth checking is Kool Runnings, the largest waterpark in Jamaica. It offers a host of activities to guests such as waterslides, tubing, go-kart racing and paintball, just to name a few.

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