Island Rose Online Flower Delivery Service: My Experience + Review

February 25, 2018

I like the quality of Island Rose's products but I hope they would keep it consistent.

I first discovered Island Rose five years ago and I have since remained a loyal customer. Before that discovery, I still thought that the only way to have flowers delivered was to personally go to a flower shop, choose an arrangement, pay for your orders, then have it delivered. But with Island Rose, I suddenly enjoyed the utmost convenience of ordering and paying for flower arrangements online – no need to leave my desk to go to a shop.

Bouquet of roses from Island Rose

Island Rose Online Flower Delivery Service: My Experience + Review

    What I like most about Island Rose

    I have remained loyal to Island Rose because of my good experience with them. They have remained consistent in delivering quality flowers no matter what the occasion was, and that included Valentine’s Day, a time when it could get really chaotic for flower and gift shops. 

    Quality flower arrangements of Island Rose

    Their packages always arrived on the indicated date and, most importantly, in pristine condition; not a single petal wilted, no fallen leaf, and no crumpled cards.

    A decline in quality

    This year, I decided to send a bouquet to my mother in our hometown in Nueva Ecija. I thought of giving it a try since Island Rose promised nationwide delivery, not to mention the fact that I am already confident when it comes to their service. 

    Wilted petals from Island Rose
    Wilted petals

    I was also aware that our address is a bit tricky to find so I gave them a map with directions on how to go to our house. As usual, I ordered a flower arrangement for Khris and another bouquet for my mother-in-law.

    Valentine’s Day came and the flowers for Khris and my mother-in-law arrived. When I opened the gift box for Khris, I was disappointed because some of the roses were wilted. They were not the usual firm and fresh blooms that Khris used to receive. 

    I was also afraid that the flowers I bought for my mother and my mother-in-law were in similar condition. To make things worse, the bouquet that I ordered for my mother did not arrive on the specified date (February 14).

    My anxiety and frustration were building up when Island Rose’s customer service said that they are still trying to get in touch with the courier. They apologized and said that it was the volume of their orders. 

    I told them they should have anticipated a large number of orders because it was peak season and that, certainly, it was not their first time to process orders for Valentine’s Day. By this time, I have also reported the condition of Khris’s Rose Gift Box to customer service.

    To cut the long story short, my mother’s bouquet arrived after Valentine’s Day but I did not make a fuss out of it because the flowers were in perfect condition. Furthermore, Island Rose promised to send a replacement for Khris’s flowers the week after. 

    The following week though, I was surprised when my mother asked me why I sent another arrangement to her. I just told her that it was a replacement because I complained with Island Rose about the flowers.

    Oh well, so much for my surprise for Khris. I eventually told Khris about the story and we just dismissed it as being due to the lack of attention of the customer service staff.


    Will I still order from Island Rose? Yes, of course. I still believe they have one of the best products and services in their category. 

    However, some points for improvement would be better logistics during peak season and attention to detail as they had delivered the flowers that were intended for Khris to Nueva Ecija.

    In the end, what we remember most is the quality of service that we receive from providers and suppliers.


    Island Rose is operated by Philippine Cut Flower Corporation and is located at Brgy. Buck Estate Metro Tagaytay, Alfonso, Cavite.

    If you have inquiries, you can call them on their telephone number (+63-2) 8626-3845 or send them an email at

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    1. It’s simply awesome! The flowers designs and the way they have used flowers for designs is incredible.

      1. Thank you for dropping by! Island Rose is indeed awesome.