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Friday, 24 November 2017

You have planned out your travel itinerary well, scored a good airfare deal via a recent seat sale, and packed your backpack for a week of unperturbed wandering abroad, but have you booked travel insurance for yourself?

You have planned out your travel itinerary well, scored a good airfare deal via a recent seat sale, and packed your backpack for a week of unperturbed wandering abroad, but have you booked travel insurance for yourself?

travel insurance

You might say that you have done similar trips many times before, so what could go wrong? When people are out having an awesome time, the last thing that they want to think about is how to deal with any untoward incident during your trip, whether it’s an accident, sickness or missing luggage. Of course, these things do happen and, to make it worse, at the least expected time. That's why we need to get travel insurance.

So the next time you prepare your itinerary, try to consider the following:
  1. Unexpected cancellation of bookings such as flights and hotels due to an emergency.
  2. Sickness and injuries during your trip.
  3. Lost luggage, laptops or smartphones while you are cruising through an unfamiliar location.
  4. The horror of having your passport stolen.

travel insurance

There are different types of insurance products in the market such as life insurance and medical insurance, and even free insurance that comes with some credit cards. However, the best solution that you may want to get if you are globetrotting is travel insurance because its comprehensive coverage is made specifically for adventure-seekers.

travel insurance

One such travel insurance provider is World Nomads, whose services are tailored specifically for independent travelers and daring families.

So what makes World Nomads perfect for travelers?

1. It allows you to book anytime and anywhere

World Nomads takes into consideration the lifestyle of travelers, which means being up and about and on the road most of the time. As such, World Nomads offers the convenience and flexibility of online booking, so customers can pay for services at a time that is most convenient for them, say, while enjoying a cup of latte in a cafe. What’s more, travelers have the luxury of thinking about the services over and not deciding right away because they can avail of travel insurance even if they are already on the road and wandering.

Also, if you have existing travel insurance but you want additional coverage, you can do so with World Nomads over the internet. And if you suddenly need to make a claim, you can also do it online – it’s that convenient.

travel insurance

2. Round-the-clock emergency assistance

Emergencies can happen anytime and without warning. World Nomads offers multi-lingual assistance 24/7, whenever you need medical treatment and transportation.

3. Enjoy coverage for over 150 activities

World Nomads covers a broad range of activities, such as skiing, snowboarding or whitewater rafting. So, go ahead and take on different adventures or try out new stuff without too much hesitation.

4. Competitive travel insurance rates

World Nomads focuses only on what is essential for travelers and excludes services that are not relevant. As such, customers may enjoy competitive rates when they request for a travel insurance quotation.

travel insurance

Here’s a partial list of situations that are covered by World Nomads:

1. Cancelled trips

You will suffer monetary loss if for some reason your trip gets cancelled like you encountering a family emergency or if your companion decides to back out of your long-planned escapade. In unfortunate times such as these, a good travel insurance will cover your expenses. Of course, it’s not always guaranteed that you will receive a full refund but that’s always better than getting nothing at all.

travel insurance

2. You get sick and hospitalized while traveling

There’s nothing more disappointing than having your holiday cut short but it even gets more depressing if you get ill or hospitalized while living out your adventure. It’s hard to focus and have a clear mind if you are alone in a hospital bed while in a foreign land. But if you have travel insurance, you will have nothing to worry about expenses related to medical or dental services.

Additionally, your travel insurance may also include coverage of your emergency medical transportation that will take you, for example, from an accident site to the nearest hospital.

travel insurance

3. Secure your precious gadgets and baggage

You’ve invested your hard-earned money on your laptop, camera and smartphone so that you can capture stunning photographs and videos of your travels. Naturally, you do not want your gadgets getting damaged or stolen, especially if you are travel blogger who rely on your devices for your means of income. However, untoward incidents happen, and it’s also a fact that there are unscrupulous individuals everywhere who are ready to take advantage of unsuspecting tourists. So, if you happen to lose your gadgets while on the road, your travel insurance will cover your losses.

In addition, if your luggage is delayed, World Nomads will cover you to ensure that you will have all the essential items that you need until your baggage arrives.

travel insurance

As a way of giving back to communities, World Nomads connects travelers to various projects around the globe. These are projects managed by established charities which travelers can support based on the destinations that they like and the type of cause that they support. World Nomads makes it possible through the Footprints Network.

If you are interested to get travel insurance, you may request for a quote from World Nomads. Please note that availability of some services is dependent on your location.

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