The 7 Best Beaches In Hawaii That You Must Visit with Kids Soon [Travel Guide]

June 29, 2023

Learn about Hawaii's stunning beaches and find out why you must visit any of them soon.

One of the destinations included in most Filipinos’ bucket list is Hawaii, with its tropical climate, rugged and volcanic landscape, and endless stretch of beaches. That is not to mention the fact that there are also many Filipinos who have made Hawaii their home.

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The 7 Best Beaches In Hawaii That You Must Visit with Kids Soon [Travel Guide]

    Hawaii's beaches

    For those going to Hawaii, the main order of business is to head out to its immaculate beaches. Hawaii has a collection of so many excellent stretches of sand flanking the Pacific Ocean, making it easy to recommend just about any other seaside destination in this volcanic archipelago. 

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    Probably the only thing setting these beaches apart is their location and the memories associated with each of them. If beaches are not your thing though, there are other amazing adventures in Hawaii that you can try such as hiking in Maui. 

    Anyway, while most of the beaches of Hawaii are on the popularity chart the world over, there are a few hidden gems also.

    Here, we have put together the top few pieces of exotic sand, which are sure to give you that feeling of awe, the moment you toss your flip-flops and get out of your Hawaii beach homes to explore the paradise known as Hawaii.

    1. Makena Beach, Maui 

    Nicknamed Big Beach, this one-and-a-half-mile of super golden sands in South Maui is one of the largest in the region. The beach offers superb views of Kahoolawe Island and Molokini Crater and is said to be the ultimate photographer's delight. 

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    Access to the beach can be achieved by driving past the two crowded beaches of Kihei and Wailea and onwards to the Makena State Park. It is recommended to pay attention to the warnings posted on the beach regarding the unpredictable shore break, which can be quite dangerous at times before you decide to venture into the water.

    2. Waikiki Beach 

    Once the exclusive stronghold of Hawaiian Royalty and a chosen few, the Waikiki of today welcomes visitors and just about anyone else to experience this playground of a different sort altogether. 

    One can traverse the entire area of 10 square miles in one day but, surely, one cannot fully experience what this magical place has to offer in such a short period.

    Waikiki, today, is throbbing with vibrant nightlife, theme parks, restaurants, and a variety of lodging to cater to all tastes and budgets. The lively harbor is chocking a block full of classy boats, ranging from trendy racers to elite schooners. 

    Cultural programs are conducted regularly at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, while the other end of Waikiki is embraced by the Diamond Head Crater, which is a place for peace and respite. 

    3. Honaunau Bay 

    Located on the site of a princely palace, the Honaunau beach area is said to be a mecca for scuba divers who flock here from every nook and cranny of the planet. 

    The underwater paradise here, known as the Place of Refuge, has been formed over the centuries by the hardening of the lava pouring into the sea from the Mount Kilauea volcano.

    Today Honaunau Bay is home to some of the finest coral reef formations, which attract every diving enthusiast, from scratch level to professionals. This is one place where divers can swim with fish like sturgeon, Kala, Kole, and the highly endangered Hawaiian green sea turtle. 

    4. Kaanapali Beach 

    When it comes to luxury, there is no place to match with the gem known as Kaanapali Beach. With a private butler to pour your daiquiris while you relax in your exclusive beach cabana, possibly every wish can be granted on this beach. 

    Surfing in Hawaii
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    The area is fringed with high-end resorts just waiting for you to splurge your dollars soaking up the delights on offer. The ideal way to wind off the day after a healthy tan is to unwind with the traditional, but highly effective, lomilomi massage offered just by a special few resorts, noted for its healing and spiritual properties.

    5. Kauna’oa Beach 

    This quarter-mile stretch of golden privacy allows access to only the 25 elite few who can reach the beach grounds early enough. 

    The crescent piece of paradise is perfect for those seeking peace and serenity combined, in waters with temperatures maintained around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    Entry to the area is restricted by the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, which is the sole caretaker of the beach and its environs.

    6. Polihale State Park, Kauai 

    Situated on the remote and windswept western side on the seashore of Kauai, getting to Polihale State Park beach requires a bit of effort. Once you have managed to traverse the sand dunes and the bumpy road in your 4x4 vehicle, you will soon realize that all the trouble was worth it. 

    On the northern end of this secluded stretch of sand stand the Napali cliffs, an iconic landmark of the region. One can also see in the distance the famous but forbidden Nihau Island. 

    This private isle is home to just a small number of local residents, who are all master craftsmen in making the finest traditional Hawaiian lei from hundreds of tiny shells that are found only on the shores of Niihau.

    7. Waimea Bay Beach Park, Oahu 

    This is the most talked-about beach among surfers who congregate here from November to February to display their skills in riding the gigantic swells that the sea churns up. These massive waves play host to some of the major surfing competitions in Hawaii, such as the Vans Triple Crown.

    Volcanoes in Hawaii
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    Aside from swimming in stunning beaches, travelers may choose from a good number of the best things to do in Oahu, such as kayaking, hiking, and sky diving, to complete their itinerary. 

    The best thing about the beaches of Hawaii is that they are all open to the general public and are easy to access as well. They are ideal for all types of visitors, including families and the little ones accompanying them, eager to dip their tiny toes in the waters of the Pacific. 

    Summing it up, these incredible swathes of sand come in all sizes and colors, to lay claim to being considered some of the most beautiful in the world.

    Best beaches in Hawaii

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    4. If you travel for natural scenery, Hawaii is a good place to consider. it is very famous for its beaches but also has different places where you can go for other adventures. But surely the main attraction are the beaches, thanks to this guide that will help you plan on the destinations that you should try out if you are planning to visit Hawaii

    5. Kapag beach lover ka. Must visit talaga ang Hawaii. Famous ito sa mga magagandang beaches.