List of college courses for those who love to travel

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Here's a list of college courses that will allow you to travel.

So, you're one of the lucky few who, at a young age, are already certain that they want a career that involves regularly traveling. Even so, you're still probably thinking if there exists an undergraduate degree that will allow you ample time outside the cube farm once you graduate.

College Courses for those who would like to Travel

College courses for those who love to travel

Fear not, because there are indeed courses that may land you a job that will allow you to travel. In fact, these courses may take you to different destinations even during your undergraduate years.

Here's a list of courses that you may consider:

1. B.S. Tourism

The B.S. Tourism curriculum will equip students with knowledge in tourism development and management, as well as laws governing the tourism industry. Graduates of tourism or tourism management may pursue a career in airlines, events management, tour-operating jobs, and other fields in the hotel, hospitality and tourism industries.

Tourism can also be a stepping stone for a career in marketing in various industries. Marketing jobs allow employees to travel either to organize events, participate in trade show, represent their companies in conferences, and the like.

2. B. S. Geology

Geology, the study of the earth, is a course for those who have inclinations in science and a lot of fieldwork. I am a licensed Geologist so I'm sharing my experience first-hand. From the first year in college, students will already be required to take fieldworks, albeit in nearby destinations only.

As I began taking major subjects, this course has taken me to the rivers of Rizal, the mountains of Ifugao and Banawe, the black sand beaches of Damortis in La Union and secluded beaches in Bolinao, Pangasinan. I have seen hidden waterfalls and amazing rock formations through Geology.

I did not pursue it as a career though but that deserves another post. A licensed geologist can opt to apply for a job in many companies, not just mining companies,  both here and abroad.

College Courses for those who would like to Travel

3. B.S. in Forestry

Forestry deals with forest conservation and management, and research. The undergraduate curriculum also includes fieldworks in forested areas and conservation sites.

Licensed foresters may occupy various technical, administrative, and policy-making positions in government and in private agencies in the Philippines and in the Asia Pacific region.

4. B. S. Mining Engineering

Mining Engineering is a course that applies science and technology on the extraction of minerals from the earth. Its undergraduate curriculum includes several units of Geology subjects, including Field Geology. As such, expect fieldworks in sites of geological significance as well as mine site visits.

College Courses for those who would like to Travel

5. B. S. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a discipline that involves planning, designing and overseeing the construction of a broad range or types of infrastructure. While the undergraduate course may not involve much fieldwork, you may be able to visit different construction sites once employed. Expect a lot of math, science and engineering design subjects in college.

6. A.B. Photography

While photography can be learned by anyone interested at any point in time, there are colleges that offer photography as a course.

How does photography allow you to travel? When searching for the perfect composition, photography can take you to seldom explored corners and unconventional places.

As an established photographer, you may also be assigned to location shoots, both near and far.

7. A.B. Journalism

If you love to cover stories and write about them, then journalism is the course for you. You'll be exposed to the ethics of reporting as well as writing about various topics that range from business to politics and even entertainment.

Depending on your specialization, you may be able cover stories in both local and international scenes.

College Courses for those who would like to Travel

Alternatively, you may apply for the following jobs after getting a college degree:

1. Aircraft Pilot

Obviously, manning airplanes will take you different destinations. According to friend who is a pilot, newbies are mostly given international flying assignments. Seasoned ones, on the other hand, oftentimes prefer domestic assignments.

You need a college degree before you can enroll in a training school for pilots. After which, you may enroll in an aviation school where you may finish a basic flying course to get your commercial pilot license. It does not end there though because you need to undergo more practical and theoretical trainings in Airbus aircrafts.

College Courses for those who would like to Travel

2. Cabin crew

Commonly known as flight attendants and often considered a glamorous career, you may apply with airlines under a rigorous screening process. Successful candidates will be given training on service and hospitality.

While the job entails shuttling from one airport to the next without having to disembark, one of the perks of the job is free travel privileges to the destinations of choice of the flight attendants.

3. Foreign Service Officer

Foreign Service Officers (FSO) are employees of the Department of Foreign Affairs who are stationed in Philippine embassies and consular offices abroad. Entering into the service requires a rigorous process of exams, panel interviews and more exams.

Once accepted, FSOs need to complete 3 years of training at DFA, which includes learning one foreign language like Mandarin, Russian, Arabic, French and Spanish. For more information on the requirements, you may check here.

Please keep in mind that these courses are only recommendations and that this list is not exhaustive. Furthermore, do note as well that finishing these courses offer no guarantee that you will travel heavily or even travel at all. Situations may change once you are employed. In the end, it will all boil down on how creative and resourceful you are in pursuing your love for travel.

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