Ocean Suites: A Family-Friendly Hotel With Stunning Ocean Views

June 24, 2023

Ocean Suites is a family-friendly hotel in Tagbilaran City, Bohol that combines affordability, comfort, and stunning ocean views.

Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel Bohol is one of your best choices if you are looking for a hotel in Bohol that balances aesthetics, comfort, and budget-friendliness. In fact, I think it's one of the top choices that you should consider when traveling to Bohol especially if you are bringing your kids along with you.

View of the ocean at Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel Bohol
Magnificent view of the ocean 

Ocean Suites: A Family-Friendly Hotel With Stunning Ocean Views

    Our experience at Ocean Suites Hotel

    When we first visited Bohol, we stayed at Ocean Suites located in Tagbilaran City. We chose a Standard Room, located in the basement. It was a standard room with a queen-sized bed, a mini-bar, a 24-inch LCD screen, and a personal refrigerator. One-way transfer within Tagbilaran City is also free.

    View of Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel Bohol from the swimming pool
    View of the lounge and dining area

    Standard bath amenities and toiletries were also included in the package. The room features a floor-to-ceiling glass door that opens up to an infinity pool. All in all, we booked a 3-day, 2-night stay via DealGrocer and paid Php7,000, with total savings of Php1,000. Check-in time was fast and, in no time, we were soon on our way to our rooms. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

    Our bed at Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel Bohol
    The bed

    Ocean Suites left a good impression on us because of how good the hotel looked, and also the stunning view of the Bohol Sea that it provided. Furthermore, despite the fact that it was just a small hotel, it was not crowded during the time when checked in although it was not yet peak season. We also traveled with a toddler, the son of our friends, and he definitely enjoyed the amenities of Ocean Suites such as the swimming pool, the activity area, and the restaurant.

    Mini bar at Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel Bohol
    From the mini bar

    There is free WiFi at Ocean Suites but the signal is very weak. You would be better off bringing a pocket WiFi or using your mobile data if you want to stay connected to your social media accounts.

    Top 5 things to do at Ocean Suites

    Ocean Suites is a small hotel but that does not mean that there is nothing to do here in case you do decide to spend the day in your room.

    Here are some of your options:

    1. Swim in the pool

    There are two swimming pools in Ocean Suites. One is the infinity pool in the basement. This is the best option if you do not want to venture far from your room if you are checked in a standard room.

    Swimming pool at Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel Bohol
    Infinity pool

    The other swimming pool is at the lower ground floor and is recommended if you want to lounge while enjoying the spectacular ocean view. Both swimming pools are open from 7 AM until 10 PM.

    2. Have a massage

    If you feel like you need some pampering, you may inquire from the reception area about the hotel's massage services. Since Ocean Suites does not have a spa, the massage session will be done at the convenience and comfort of your own room.

    3. Play table tennis

    There is an activity area in the basement of Ocean Suites where you can play board games as well as table tennis. Guests who are interested to use the facilities and amenities of the hotel may inquire from the reception area.

    4. Spend a quiet day just marveling at the magnificent ocean view

    Probably one of the best features of Ocean Suites is the beautiful view of the blue ocean it accords its guests. It's almost a sin not to take advantage of the gorgeous views.

    Enjoying the sun at Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel Bohol
    Enjoying the sun

    So, why not spend an afternoon on a poolside bench, reading a book, sipping a nice drink, and just looking at the vastness of the gleaming ocean from time to time.

    5. Have coffee and dessert at Ocean Cafe

    If you are craving for coffee and sweets, you need not go far. Just head over to Ocean Cafe and have your fill of cappuccino and tiramisu while reading a book.

    Dining at Ocean Suites

    We ate most of our meals at Azure Restaurant, Ocean Suites' signature restaurant. All accommodation packages are inclusive of a breakfast buffet from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM. The breakfast buffet is not as extensive as that found in five-star hotels although the food selection is enough to satisfy your palate.

    Breakfast at Azure Restaurant of Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel Bohol

    The mainstays at the breakfast table are garlic rice, soup, pancakes, sausages, cereal and milk, an omelet station, and coffee and juice or iced tea. Depending on the day, the restaurant serves either bacon, corned beef, salted fish, fish fillet, or adobo on top of these standard selections.

    Spring rolls from Azure Restaurant of Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel Bohol
    Spring rolls

    Since there were no other restaurants within the vicinity of the hotel, we also ordered our dinner at Azure Restaurant. Their menu includes rice meals, Filipino dishes, sizzlers, burgers and sandwiches, and pasta. Price ranges from Php275 to Php550.

    Sizzling squid at Azure Restaurant of Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel Bohol
    Sizzling squid

    We tried sizzling squid, vegetable curry, and spring rolls for dinner at Azure Restaurant. In terms of taste and quality, the food served at the restaurant is remarkably good.

    Those who want to grab coffee and dessert may have their fill of sweets at Ocean Café, which also doubles as a small souvenir shop.


    All in all, Ocean Suites is a charming hotel to stay at while in Bohol. The personnel are very friendly and helpful, and the rooms are clean and comfortable. We had a wonderful time here, the swimming pool is good and the beautiful ocean view is definitely worth it.

    For those who are going to Bohol, Ocean Suites is definitely recommended.

    Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel Bohol is located beside the Blood Compact Shrine, East Tagbilaran Road, Brgy. Bool, Tagbilaran City. For inquiries, guests may call +63 38 4111031 or + 63 917 6547217.


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