8 Top Things To Do In Misibis Bay With Kids (Fulfilling Our Dream Luxury Getaway)

July 14, 2023

Misibis Bay Resort offers utmost luxury and exclusivity to its guests.

Misibis Bay is easy to fall in love with. Acclaimed as a luxury island retreat, it's a destination that provides utmost exclusivity so that its guests could have maximum enjoyment during their stay. Every nook and corner of Misibis Bay is well-thought-out and intended to provide a leisurely escape to its visitors. Best of all, Misibis Bay is highly recommended for families, even those who are bringing their little kids with them.  

Marker of Misibis Bay
Misibis Bay marker

8 Top Things To Do In Misibis Bay With Kids (Fulfilling Our Dream Luxury Getaway)

    Misibis Bay is our dream getaway; a destination that we can only hope (and dare) to book when we finally have a lot of extra cash to burn, which is nowhere near the near future. However, because of some favorable turn of events, we were able to achieve our Misibis Bay dream getaway sooner than we had expected.

    Coconut trees beside the swimming pool at Misibis Bay
    Coconut trees

    How did we do it? We booked an overnight stay at the luxury resort via a Deal Grocer promo. While there are year-round Misibis Bay promos at Deal Grocer, the minimum stay offered on most occasions is three days and two nights (3D/2N). 

    How to go to Misibis Bay

    After our trip to Legazpi City the previous day, we woke up excited for what was in store for us in Misibis Bay.

    Free bottled water at Misibis Bay
    Complimentary bottled water

    We arranged for the resort's pick-up service to take us from the hotel to Cagraray Island where Misibis Bay is located. If you are coming from Legazpi Domestic Airport, you may ask the resort to pick you up there.

    An hour before our indicated pick-up time, the minibus arrived at Neuman Haus. What was even better was that our group was the only passenger that morning.

    Free chocolate chip cookies at Misibis Bay shuttle bus
    Chocolate chip cookies

    Inside the bus, bottles of cold water, a jar of chocolate chip cookies, and an Evian facial spray were on hand for guests' consumption and use. We passed through mountainous terrain that overlooks the beautiful Albay Gulf. Travel time from Legazpi City was around one hour.

    Evian facial spray at Misibis Bay shuttle bus
    Evian facial mist

    Welcoming guests at Misibis Bay
    Misibis Bay's staff welcoming us 

    When we finally entered the gate of Misibis Bay, we were mesmerized by how lovely it was. We alighted at the reception center where we were greeted by the resort staff dancing to an Ibalon chant.

    Ibalon dancers at Misibis Bay
    Dancers swaying to the tune of a native Ibalon chant

    Arriving at Misibis Bay
    At the reception area

    When we had unloaded our bags, we proceeded to check-in, which was a breeze because no other new guests were arriving that day.


    Our Room: Deluxe Garden View

    Even after we had checked in and already on our way to our rooms, we were still in disbelief that we were indeed in Misibis Bay.

    Deluxe Garden View villas at Misibis Bay
    Garden View villa

    The resort looked quiet and laid back as if we were the only people booked for the night. It will be hard not to enjoy the resort's amenities in the next few hours.

    King size bed of a deluxe garden view room in Misibis Bay
    Our king-size bed

    We booked a deluxe garden view room, the second most affordable among Misibis Bay's rooms. Upon entering our room, we were greeted by a spacious 45 sqm. floor area with a king-size bed.

    Coffee counter of deluxe garden view room in Misibis Bay
    Tea and coffee

    Our room had all the standard amenities such as a 32" LCD TV, blow dryer, safety deposit box, iron, and complimentary coffee counter. The bath and shower room, meanwhile, had Crab Tree toiletries aside from the usual facilities.

    Wash area of deluxe garden view room in Misibis Bay
    Bathroom sink

    Crab tree toiletries of deluxe garden view room in Misibis Bay
    Crab Tree toiletries

    Incidentally, it was my birthday when we went to Misibis Bay. Khris and our friends requested the resort's staff to surprise me when I enter the room after dinner. 

    Free birthday cake in Misibis Bay
    My complimentary birthday cake

    Birthday surprise at Misibis Bay
    Birthday surprise

    Well, they succeeded in doing so. Our room was decorated with a birthday banner and the staff were holding a cake with a candle while singing "Happy Birthday." We opened a bottle of wine afterward and drank a little. It was such a nice way to celebrate my birthday. 

    What to do in Misibis Bay

    Time in Misibis Bay seems slow but we are not complaining. We want it that way to forget about our worries and stress from the daily grind at work.

    Misibis Bay pool area surrounded by coconut trees
    Pool area

    You can while away a few hours in your room, lounge leisurely by the pool, or walk slowly in the gardens. It's up to you how you want to spend your time in Misibis Bay.

    However, if you are looking for other things to do in Misibis Bay, here are a few activities that you can take advantage of.

    1. Enjoy the swimming pools

    Swimming pool of garden view villa in Misibis Bay
    Swimming pool at Garden View villa

    For starters, there are several swimming pools in Misibis Bay where you can take a dip. Each Garden View room also has a small swimming pool so that you can enjoy the water privately.

    Swimming pool in Misibis Bay
    Adults' swimming pool

    You may also swim leisurely in the infinity pool that overlooks the magnificent beach or you may opt for a more intensive spin in the lagoon pool. As for young ones, there is a 2-feet kiddie pool for their enjoyment.

    2. Lounge at the beach

    Beach umbrella and benches in Misibis Bay
    Beach umbrella and benches

    Misibis Bay's beach is a short stretch of shoreline. What's good about it is the fine, white sand; the clear and calm waters, and the absence of a huge crowd.

    Driftwood on the beach in Misibis Bay
    Driftwood on the beach

    You can perfectly spend the morning or afternoon just sitting relaxed in a beach chair and with a book, perhaps. The view is serene and calming so you do not need anything else to distract you. 

    3. Have fun indoors at Sitio Activity Center

    The use of amenities at the activity center is free, so you can take advantage of it if you do not want to stay outdoors. Available are fun indoor activities at Sitio like billiards, football, and table tennis. Guests may also use the fitness center, movie lounge, and karaoke room located on the second floor.

    4. Bond with your children at the Kids Room

    Take advantage of the opportunity to bond with your kids in the children's playroom. The kids' room has cute teepees to keep you and the little ones occupied indoors.

    5. Visit the Cagraray Amphitheater

    Amphitheater at Cagraray Eco Energy Park in Misibis Bay
    The amphitheater

    Located inside the Cagraray Eco-Energy Park, the amphitheater with its multi-level open-air seats overlook the Albay Gulf. As it is, it can be the perfect venue for an outdoor concert.

    Stone pillars in the amphitheater in Misibis Bay
    Stone pillars

    However, some couples reserve it for a romantic dinner under the moonlight or even as a proposal venue.

    6. Visit the Stela Maris Chapel

    Facade of Stela Maris Chapel in Misibis Bay
    Façade of Stela Maris Chapel

    Stela Maris Chapel is a well-known wedding venue in Bicol. Perched atop a hill, Stela Maris Chapel provides a spectacular view of Albay Gulf and Mayon Volcano, a dramatic and memorable backdrop for a special event such as a wedding.

    Inside the Stela Maris Chapel in Misibis Bay
    Inside Stela Maris Chapel

    7. Try the zipline

    Trying the zipline in Misibis Bay
    Trying the zipline

    This was my very first time trying a zipline, so I was a little nervous especially because I am afraid of heights.

    Zipline in Misibis Bay
    Zipline ride

    It was having to climb up several levels of scaffolding that got me a bit shaking. However, the descent down the zipline was perfectly fine and was quite enjoyable.

    8. Book a tour or outdoor activity

    Misibis Bay offers many outdoor activities and tour packages. The tour packages include the Bicol Adventure (a visit to Vera Falls, water rafting, and ATV lava tour) and the Bicol Underground (visit to Hayop Hayopan Cave, Solong Cave, and the Naglaus Cave/Sigpit Underground River.

    The land activities include an ATV tour, as well as arts and crafts tutorial sessions, to name a few. Meanwhile, the water activities available are kayaking, paddle surfing, sunset cruise, windsurfing, introductory dive, scuba diving, jet-skiing, Hobie cat sailing, and banana boat ride.

    Garden in Misibis Bay
    Exploring the garden

    Dining in Misibis Bay: Taste Bicol’s Finest

    There are several restaurants in Misibis Bay to choose from. Let's be honest though, food in Misibis Bay is pricey, in general, but there are also pocket-friendly options on the menu. However, if you are staying for a limited time like us, don't let the cost stop you from enjoying good food. After all, you are not staying here for a week.

    Anyway, here are the restaurants and the dishes that we tried at Misibis Bay:

    1. Spice Market

    Spice Market is the biggest restaurant inside the resort. As the flagship restaurant, its dishes provide a glimpse of Bicol’s unique culture which centers on the province’s love for chillis and coconut milk.

    Bicolano adobo sa asin in Misibis Bay
    Adobo sa asin

    On our first day at Misibis Bay, we went to Spice Market for lunch and sampled Bicol's finest delicacies, the laing, and tilmok, and tried their lechon kawali and adobo sa asin house specialties.

    Bicolano tilmok in Misibis Bay

    What I like most about the laing was the rich, deep coconut milk flavor with just the right level of spiciness.

    Meanwhile, the tilmok was an instant favorite. It was made of mixed crab and grated coconut meats, wrapped in taro leaves, and steamed. The delicious tasted of the crab meat blended well with the coconut. Lechon kawali was at its usual sinful form (and taste).

    Outside seating in Misibis Bay's Spice Market
    Outside seating

    Another dish unique to the region is the adobo sa asin. For this dry adobo, salt is used instead of soy sauce. All the ingredients – pork, salt, vinegar, bay leaves, peppercorn, and salt—are boiled in a pot until dry. Our adobo sa asin came with generous shavings of wood ear mushrooms (locally called tengang daga). Definitely yummy!

    Laing pizza in Misibis Bay's Spice Market
    Laing Pizza

    As for dinner, we ordered pesto, marinara, and laing pizza. The pasta was standard but the laing pizza was unforgettable. It is basically your laing dish in pizza form but flavors are a lot milder.

    Pesto in Misibis Bay's Spice Market

    Seafood marinara in Misibis Bay's Spice Market
    Seafood marinara

    And finally, we had a breakfast buffet the next morning. Spice Market's breakfast offerings were not as expansive as those in hotels but at least they had bacon.

    Bacon and tapa in Spice Market's breakfast buffet in Misibis Bay
    Bacon and tapa

    What's good about the bacon station was that we did not have to contend with a lot of diners for those crispy, heavenly strips. There was also salad, bread, and omelet stations. Some of the Pinoy breakfast favorites available were longganisa and beef tapa.

    Fish fillet and meatballs in Spice Market's breakfast buffet in Misibis Bay
    Fish fillet and meatballs

    Tomato and eggplant omelet in Spice Market's breakfast buffet in Misibis Bay
    Tomato and eggplant omelet (tortang talong)

    Food was definitely expensive but the taste and the servings more than made up for it. By the way, the restaurant serves unlimited bread and butter while the guests wait for their orders to arrive.

    Bread station at Spice Market's breakfast buffet in Misibis Bay
    Bread station

    Cheese station at Spice Market's breakfast buffet in Misibis Bay
    Cheese station

    Cold cuts station at Spice Market's breakfast buffet in Misibis Bay
    Cold cuts station

    Spice Market's schedule is as follows: Breakfast 6:00AM - 10:00AM Lunch 11:30AM -2:30PM Dinner 6:00PM - 10:00PM

    2. Cocoon Cafe

    Coffee and tea shop by the lagoon pool. This is located at the end of the pool; a cozy place for enjoying a good book or surfing the internet. Aside from beverages, it also offers light snacks. Opening hours will depend on the weather condition.

    3. Sula Bar and Pool Bar

    For those wanting some cocktails and alcoholic drinks, you may order from Sula Bar and Pool Bar. It is open from 6:00AM to 11:00PM.

    Couple travel bloggers in Misibis Bay's beach
    Fulfilling our dream luxury getaway


    All in all, Misibis Bay is an unforgettable destination. We would want to return here, of course, and hopefully for a full weekend. The resort is beautiful, it's family-friendly, and the service is world-class. We brought with us many wonderful memories when we left Misibis Bay.

    Top things to do in Misibis Bay

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