Part 3: What to do in Boracay


“When in Boracay, do as the locals do!,” a middle-aged lady selling souvenirs in Talipapa said this to us in the vernacular. She said that in Boracay, one is free to do what he wishes to do (as long as it’s legal) or wear what suits his taste, and nobody will care about you. That adage, I reckon, yet applies to almost every locality.

During our vacation, I found out that one will never run out of things to do in this island. Most of which are for free. Here is a list of what we did in Boracay:

1. Beach Bum

This is the most logical thing to do here because you are in a beach. We would wake up early and have breakfast, then do nothing but frolic in the water for the whole morning.

11745558_857069884368700_5110172187463573562_nOur favorite thing to do is to leisurely spend the whole morning on the beach

2. Take long walks along the beach

What better way to explore this small island than to take long walks along the beach. Walking allowed us to see the island in details – its people, the way of life and the attractions.

From Boracay Regency, we walked all the way to Talipapa Market in Station 3 and from there, to Willy’s Rock near Station 1. On our Second evening, we walked from Discovery shores in Station 1 up to Boracay Regency.

11264807_857081184367570_4939935849410193760_nWalking along the pristine waters

11705194_857071067701915_4757895035177502484_nOn the way to Station 1

11781739_857068467702175_1921438832114784172_nOn our way to Station 3

11695919_857081961034159_267325202196175775_nWalking inside D’ Mall

22081_857072577701764_1876175171251111214_nOn our way back to Station 2

3. Try fruit shakes at Jonah’s

This snack bar has become famous among tourists because of its fruit shakes. I tried the avocado their shake and it was very good. It had a very thick consistency and tasted of rich avocado and milk. It’s a perfect cooler after a long walk under the sun.

Picture 162Avocado shake at Jonah’s

4. Eat in a buffet restaurant

My wife and I are fans of buffet restaurants. While we were in Boracay, we saw a lot of restaurants offering buffet but we could not make a decision because the selections were unexceptional. One evening, we passed by Victory Divers Beach Resort and our attention was caught by their sign offering unlimited seafood for around P298. We were already famished from our day-long activity so we decided to check it out. What we saw was a huge spread of clams, mussels, shrimps, pancit, oysters, crabs and tuna. Rice and iced tea are also unlimited. We thought it was a good deal so we decided to try it. It was a good decision because the seafood was very fresh, cooked well and tasted really good. We indulged in the steamed oysters and shrimps.

5. Visit Talipapa Market and D’ Talipapa Market

Head out to Talipapa Market for your souvenirs and pasalubongs. We found out that there is also a D’ Talipapa Market where they sell fresh seafood like crabs, lobsters, clams and fish. There are also numerous stalls here selling native products and knick-knacks. As with many similar marketplaces, always haggle for the lowest price!

11750604_857076547701367_4162250454691116295_nPoor frogs

11751755_857076271034728_5546118663134957928_nTrinkets everywhere

6. Go island hopping

Island hopping tour packages are arranged by locals for around P1,000. When we asked one gentlemen offering us a tour, he told us that it was the standard rate among all operators and that it was regulated to ensure fairness. However, when we inquired from Boracay Regency, they offered island hopping tours for only P800 per person. It was a steal so we booked right away. The tour included a one hour stopover at the well-known Crystal Cove, a buffet lunch of crispy shrimps, barbeque and fruits, a visit to Puka Beach and 30 minutes of snorkeling in the open sea.

Crystal Cove Island Resort had a P200 entrance fee but it was well worth it. We explored the tiny island on foot. On its highest peak, you can see for 360 degrees the vast cerulean sea and the ferocious waves crashing against the islands rocky edges. The island is also abundant with small trees and vegetation so the heat from the mid-day sun became somewhat bearable.

On a different note, I like it that the no smoking policy is being strictly implemented and adhered to in Boracay. I heard our island hopping tour guide politely tell an Australian gentleman that smoking was prohibited in the beach and he readily complied.

11745339_857073841034971_2903225413729943200_nAt Crystal Cove

11143416_857074091034946_3313468436875424266_nThe view from Crystal Cove is amazing

7. Catch the Boracay sunset

This is probably one of our most favorite thing to do in Boracay. By 4:30 PM, we would nonchalantly slump on the sand with our drinks and wait for the sun to sink over the horizon. Until darkness envelops the beach. Boracay at dusk is just as beautiful as it is during daybreak.

11705202_857072841035071_1097390608435434155_nBeautiful Boracay sunset

8. Have your photo taken at Willy’s Rock

You cannot say that you have been to Boracay if you have not yet visited Willy’s Rock. This iconic landmark is a rocky islet with a grotto perched on top of it. It is easily accessible by foot during low tide. Take a picture here as proof that you’ve been there.

11751453_857071314368557_5684826505097811851_nOur photo at Willy’s Rock

Up next is my post on Boracay Regency, our home in Boracay, and Discovery Shores where we celebrated our first wedding anniversary dinner.

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