A lazy day at the beach and a visit to the Bohol Bee Farm comprised our itinerary for our second day. We were to travel to Panglao to visit one of its famous beaches but before proceeding, we had a brief photo session at the blood compact (Sandugo) shrine. Here, life-size bronze statues of Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna, Bohol’s chieftain, stand to depict the blood compact between the two leaders. The blood compact ritual sealed the pact of camaraderie between Boholanos and the Spaniards.

Sandugo (Blood Compact) Shrine

Afterwards, we drove for thirty minutes to Dumaluan Beach Resort. We checked the resort to see if the beach was okay. It was a little crowded so we decided to go to Bohol Beach Club instead. Entrance fee for day tour at Bohol Beach Club is Php600 per head (Php450 is consumable).

bb 1
Welcome to Bohol Beach Club!

Bohol Beach Club is a lovely resort with well-manicured lawns and gardens. The view of the aquamarine water was stunning. There were sunbathing benches, hammocks and tables available for those who are on day tour. For those who would like an extended stay in the resort, accommodations are available. We did not get to see any of the rooms but the beach view suites looked really comfortable and first-rate.

bb 2
Beach View Suite


bb 6
Bohol Beach Club’s Restaurant

bb 15


bb 16
Smaller Beach View Suites


bb 34


bb 33


Cooking inside the resort is not allowed though, and you have to pay corkage fee if you want to bring food inside. But don’t worry because food and drinks (including cocktails) in the resort are reasonably-priced and good for sharing.


bb 14
Al Fresco dining

If one is not so keen on taking a dip in the beach, there are swimming pools available in Bohol Beach Club.

bb 7
The swimming pool


bb 8


bb 10


bb 9

Sand is white and very fine but not as powdery fine as the Boracay sand. Be sure to wear aqua shoes because there is a rocky segment with broken corals near the shore so it can get painful when walking barefoot. Beyond this rocky stretch though, sand is already as fine as talc. The crystal clear water was so inviting, it seemed like a mortal sin to refuse the invitation.

bb 5
Tables at the beach


bb 4


bb 11


bb 21


bb 12


bb 32


bb 25


bb 22


bb 20


bb 19


bb 23


bb 13


bb 17


bb 18

Aside from beach activities, you may also opt to get a full body massage to relax your aching muscles (Php600 for 1 hour).

bb 3
Massage area

The brochure handed to us at the reception said that day tour is until 5:00 PM only but we got to stay even longer and even watched the sunset.

Having had our fill of sun, sand and sea breeze, we checked out of Bohol Beach Club at around 6:00 PM.

bb 26


bb 24


bb 28


bb 29


bb 31


bb 35


bb 36

Bohol Bee Farm

From Bohol Beach Club, we proceeded to the Bohol Bee Farm to buy pasalubong. They sell different products made with honey, from spreads, to ice cream, to beauty and personal care products.

bee 18


bee 17


Various spreads
bee 1
Choco spread


bee 4
Malunggay spread



bee 7
Honey-based personal care products


bee 6
Selection of teas and infusion


bee 5


bee 8


bee 9


bee 11
Don, Ma-anne and Mila


bee 10
Khris and Milan


bee 14


bee 12

We tried their famous artisanal ice creams made with real fruit (durian, guyabano, avocado), malunggay (yes, veggie ice cream) and honey (salted honey). Even their cones were homemade. We tried guyabano and salted honey; both were smooth and extra creamy. We also tried malunggay ice cream but I was taken aback when I initially tried it because of its vegetable aftertaste it but I eventually liked it. To add a bit of kick, you may opt to drizzle your ice cream with chili-infused honey.

Aside from honey-based products, Bohol Bee Farm also offers farm tours and accommodation. There are also swimming pools inside for those who want to cool down, as well as a restaurant.

After buying pasalubong and souvenirs, and tired from all our activities, we decided to call it a day and headed back to Ocean Suites.

bee 16


bee 15


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