The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel is simply breathtaking

Grand, magnificent, splendid, luxurious — there are endless superlatives to describe The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel.

My wife stayed here for three days and two nights for our honeymoon and it’s one of the most memorable experiences that we will forever treasure.

The living room

Our room is immensely spacious and beautifully-designed like an Italian villa. The furnishings are exquisite and the bed is big and comfy. The bathroom is equally roomy and sparklingly clean.


This bed is definitely magnificent


Enjoying the room


Take a tour inside the hotel and be awestruck by how cleverly they made the interior to look like, well, you guessed it, Venice.

DSCN4907-min DSCN4908-min

The canal



This ceiling reminded us of the Sistine Chapel
Grand hall


DSCN5489-min There are also a lot of shops and restaurants within the hotel; you actually need a whole day to tour it. It’s that big. The hotel is more like a plush integrated residential-commercial-recreational complex.

At the swimming pool



We also tried the complimentary gondola ride which came with our package.



Enjoying the gondola ride



For risk-taking gamblers who have money to burn, the ground floor houses the biggest casino in the world. Ynah and I are not really into casinos but we checked it out anyway. The sheer volume of people inside, however, is certainly overwhelming.

Evening spectacle



Light Show


All in all, The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel is definitely worth adding in one’s bucket list of hotels to stay in.

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  1. Dewy says:

    We stayed at the Wynn a few years back. We did go to see the Venetian and its shopping mall.

    1. Ivan Jose says:

      Wow, I hope you enjoyed your stay.

      1. Dewy says:

        We loved Macau and much preferred it to Hong Kong. We didn’t like the hustle bustle of Hong Kong.

        1. Ivan Jose says:

          Likewise. Macau is much relaxed considering that it’s also cosmopolitan.

  2. Ivan Jose says:

    Lovely experience. We couln’t help but be in awe of the colonial architecture, too. And yes, the food. It’s a total experience — history, culture, fast-pace life.

  3. This is my next trip!!!
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    1. Ivan Jose says:

      That’s nice. Yup, I’ll check it out if I can join, too. Thank you!

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