FOOD: Dining at Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa's Acqua Restaurant


We had the privilege to try Acqua during our family getaway in Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa last March. When eating here, one may opt to go for buffet (I think buffet is offered whole day) or order plated dishes.

For our first dinner, we ordered sinigang na baboy and crispy pata. The sinigang na baboy is a huge bowl of steaming broth with vegetables and chunks of pork. The hot soup looked really tempting but, on my first sip I was taken aback because it was too sour. I like my sinigang sour but it should still have the right balance of saltiness and spice. Not to fret about it, I added a dash of salt to my soup and that did the trick.

DSCN8757Steaming bowl of sinigang na baboy

The crispy pata is another story though. Clichéd as it may sound, it was sinfully good! The pork skin was crispy and it had the right level of saltiness. The meat was tender and went well with the dipping sauce.

DSCN8755Crispy Pata – sinfully good!

On our second day, we tried their Greek and Caesar Salads and seafood pasta. The Caesar Salad was exquisite. The vegetables are fresh and crisp and lightly dressed but it was flavorful still. It had chunks of feta cheese which lent a salty-creamy taste to the salad.

DSCN8923Interesting caricature of personalities hanging on the wall

The seafood salad, on the other hand, was extremely satisfying.It had generous helpings of seafood slices in flavorful red sauce.

DSCN8924Yanna, my wife’s niece, patiently waits for our orders

What was exciting was, we got a bonus that day. Since our orders came late, the restaurant crew said that we can get dessert from the buffet area. I loaded a huge plate with chunks of fresh fruit and I got myself scoops of ube and vanilla ice cream with all the toppings.

DSCN8927Our sweet Mama

In general, service was good and fast. The staff were very accommodating of our request. However, since this is a hotel restaurant, prepare to get your wallets broken because food is indeed pricey.

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