Away for the Weekend at Sea’s Spring Resort Hotel

Our summer 2015 adventures continue with an overnight trip to Sea’s Spring Resort Hotel in Batangas. I had high expectations for this resort primarily because it is located in Mabini, Batangas; one of the more popular beach destinations in the country. Going there was a quick three-hour drive from Manila via South Luzon Expressway.

To get to the resort, we had to pass by a winding hillside road that gave us a magnificent view of the sea. For a more detailed turn-by-turn instruction on how to get to the resort, please click here.

The beach is a little pebbly (photo by Dennis Colico)
The beach is a little pebbly (photo by Dennis Colico)

When we arrived, we were immediately greeted by the beautiful sight of the deep cerulean sea. The warm salty breeze and the blue water were very inviting, I wanted to immediately take a dip. But, alas, I was informed by one of our companions that we cannot swim because the beach was rocky and the waves were rough. Seeing the beach up close, it did not look attractive after all because it was pebbly and the sand looked coarse.

What else to do when we cannot go to the beach? Well, we were all hungry so we ordered lunch. We ordered bulalo, crispy pata and pakbet. The warm bulalo soup was delicious. The bone had a generous chunk of meat and the vegetables and corn were plentiful. Our server was also kind enough to grant our request for three extra bowls of soup. The crispy pata was also a hit. The meat was seasoned well and fried to a crisp. It will surely satisfy any meat lover’s craving.

After lunch, we took a brief rest then immediately tried the pools. There were three slides of different heights which were a big hit to both kids and adults. The idea of swimming in a pool when you are at the beach was not too appealing for me. However, the heated pool of sulfur-infused water offered a new experience that I will not let pass. The 37-degree water was apprehending at first but once you get used to it, you will find the experience relaxing. It felt like I was sweating while on water!

One of the signs posted beside the pool listed the host of benefits of swimming in heated water – improved circulation, smoother skin, relieves muscle aches and releases stress. Whatever the benefits are, I found swimming in the heated pool really enjoyable.

Enjoying the heated pool
Enjoying the heated pool

The rooms, meanwhile, were dormitory-type. The air-conditioning was not working well, however, but it eventually got cooler early in the morning. The resort personnel were also very kind enough to accommodate our request for extra pillows and mattresses.

The toilets and shower rooms were also common. I was afraid the toilets will be dirty because there were many guests that weekend. Good thing the resort staff were always there to clean the toilets and shower rooms.

Breakfast the following day was managed buffet, thus, it was inevitable that a long queue will form. A bit of patience is needed when getting breakfast. Choices were mostly Filipino food – longganisa, bangus belly and fried egg. They also served toast, gyoza and kimchi. Food was good and filling but, nonetheless, ordinary.

What else did we do here? Nothing much although the resort offers island hopping packages that come with packed lunch. There is also scuba diving, trekking and spa for those who want to get a massage.

All in all, it was still an enjoyable overnight tour for me. The heated pool and the accommodating staff made up for the lack of activities and beach-swimming.

If you would like to inquire, here are the contact details of Sea’s Spring Resort Hotel:

Phone: 632-881-1766, 63 917-564-8085, 63 917-564-8087 (Korean)
Fax: 632-526-4849
Address: Barangay Mainit, Mabini, Anilao Batangas, Philippines

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