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From Shinjuku in Tokyo, Saboten is now in the country to take advantage of the emerging katsu craze with unlimited everything. We had the chance to have lunch here last weekend at their Glorietta outlet. The place is extremely relaxing and comfortable, with nary a sound which I like because it lets you converse with your companions without straining your ears nor your vocal cords. The interiors are well-lit because of the large windows. The seats are likewise extremely comfortable. The walls are spartan, adding to the easy ambiance of the place.

What I like in a restaurant is the experience it offers. It need not be grand; for Saboten, it’s as simple as letting you grind the toasted sesame seeds for your sauce. This, we enjoyed so much. We ground the seeds until they were powdery before adding the tangy tonkatsu sauce. The crushed sesame seeds are also very aromatic, which made us all the more hungry.

Pestle for crushing and grinding the sesame seeds
The ground sesame seeds are then mixed with tangy tonkatsu sauce


Pickled gherkins and turnipI got a large tenderloin katsu. It’s a huge slab of lean meat which will definitely satisfy a huge appetite. But before our orders came, we were served unlimited shreded cabbage. It’s a good appetizer or a side dish to fill you up if you will opt to skip rice which, by the way, is also unlimited. The miso soup, likewise unlimited, is also noteworthy.

Unlimited shredded cabbage, best eaten with mayo-sesame dressing


Unlimited miso soupThe tenderloin is very tender and juicy. I wanted mine a little salty so I add a little sprinkling of salt before dipping it in the sauce. The sauce coats the meat well with a deep and rich sweet-sour flavor that goes well with rice. This is one very filling meal, I almost did not finish my tenderloin.



Shrimp and tenderloin set

Shrimp fry set
Unlimited pure green iced tea (meaning it is unsweetened and unflavored)

Service is very quick and efficient. Price is a bit high at around P500 per head. This a perfect go to restaurant when you want to splurge and treat yourself to a not-so-ordinary meal.

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