FOOD: Premium Buffet at NIU by Vikings


Prepare to be greeted by the opulence and premiumness of this place the moment you set foot inside. It’s like a five-star hotel restaurant with well-chosen pieces of decors, posh vases, rich leather couches, comfortable sofas, and wooden chairs and tables. The interiors are illuminated by exquisite lights that are neither too bright nor too soft.

I began my culinary journey that evening with slices of rib eye steak smothered with truffle gravy, slices of fresh salmon, cheesy baked oysters, herbed steamed mussels, chunks of lechon and juicy shrimps. I consider the rib eye steak and baked oysters as the star. I like how the rib eye was perfectly cooked and tender. It was salty, which I liked, but the flavor was further enhanced by the gravy. The baked oysters, meanwhile, was well-cooked but still juicy.

20141114_195959Rib eye steak with gravy and lechon chunks

20141114_204953Slivers of fresh salmon sashimi, mussels and baked oysters

20141114_204946My second plate with another helping of rib eye steak, grilled shrimps and mussels

We also tried lobster in miso soup. It’s also very nice with its light soup that cleansed and balanced the palate. Big crabs are also available which are best steamed and topped with toasted garlic. The claws are winners — filled with juicy and tasty meat. Open the shell, and feel your cholesterol level go up just by looking at the rich crab fat.

20141114_205622Lobster soup

20141114_204936Steamed crab

20141114_205012_3Happy eating!

I saved some space in my tummy for dessert. I only had two in mind, ice cream and leche flan. I got pistaschio and cappucinno ice cream flavors and I never regretted it a bit. Superb! Next, I headed to the halo-halo bar where I took chunks of leche flan swimming in caramel sauce. It was also perfect — with its firm texture and rich milky-egg taste. It was heaven in each spoonful.

Drinks were also free flowing, whether it’s wine, beer or juices. I tried several juices and iced tea from the bar.

Because it’s premium, price is also high. It was around P1,500++ per head. Service is also very fast and efficient.


12 Replies to “FOOD: Premium Buffet at NIU by Vikings”

  1. I can eat the salmon all day long. Haha. 1500 is definitely worth it. What’s the difference with the 999?

  2. Oh no – this sounds and looks too good. I’m just trying to eat very minimal this week and reading this mede me so hungry. Some of that steamed crab would be so nice right now 😀

  3. the food looks good! especially the salmon, pink and good white lines = fresh tasting : ) glad you got to eat some amazing seafood : )

  4. Ooh the leche flan and the ice cream sounds like an amazing desert choice and it looks like you enjoyed the rest of your meal too.

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