Paradise Dynasty: of Xiao Long Bao and other Classic Chinese favorites

Paradise Dynasty at S Maison in Conrad Hotel commands an impressive view of Manila Bay, a vista that further emphasizes the grandiosity of the restaurant. But beyond its flamboyant interiors, Paradise Dynasty offers notable classic Chinese favorites that will satisfy your palate.

Paradise Dynasty
Xiao Long Bao

A few months ago, Khris and I met some of our friends for lunch at Conrad Hotel. We planned to have lunch at another restaurant but when we got there, we were informed that it had just opened and they were having an exclusive, by-invitation only event. So, off we went looking for a new restaurant that can accommodate us.

We spotted Paradise Dynasty and we quickly decided to book a table. It was our first time here, so we were quite excited but, at the same time, we did not know what to expect. We were immediately impressed by how good-looking the interiors were. It was still an hour before lunchtime so there were still a lot of vacant tables inside.

We chose one near the side and away from the aisle to avoid the scuttle of people.
We placed our orders while waiting for some of our friends to arrive. We ordered the Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao, Vegetable and Pork Wanton in Signature Pork Bone Soup, Deep Fried Garlic Pork ribs, Scrambled Egg White with Fish and Conpoy, Stir Fried Kai Lan with Ginger Sauce, Stir Fried Broccoli with Garlic, and Kung Pao Chicken. We also ordered a plate each of Shanghai Fried Rice and Yang Zhou Fried Rice.

Paradise Dynasty
Pork and Vegetable Wanton in Pork Bone Soup

We began with the soup and it was warm and flavorful. You can tell that the pork bones stock have been simmered for a long period of time to infuse flavors into the stock.

The Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao is a sampler of all the flavors on offer at Paradise Dynasty, namely Signature Original, Szechuan, Garlic, cheese, Ginseng, Crab Roe, Foie Gras, Black and Truffle. I recall that there were specific instructions on how to eat the buns – meaning you progress from one flavor to the next. However, since we only ordered one tray for your group, we just sampled the flavors that suit our fancy. I chose crab roe and it was savory, the filling as well as the bun itself tasted of seafood. I hope to have a full degustation of all the Xia Long Bao flavors in our next visit so that I can better appreciate it.

Paradise Dynasty
Scrambled Egg White with Fish and Conpoy

I was looking forward to the Scrambled Egg White with Fish and Conpoy (or dried seafood) because it sounded new to me. I thought the taste would be overpowering but I was surprised that it packed mild, even delicate, flavors. The consistency was almost silken tofu with seafood undertones.

Paradise Dynasty
Kai Lan
Paradise Dynasty

The vegetables were also cooked just right. They were fresh and was a bit crunchy which was more pleasant to eat as compared to when they were overcooked and soggy. The deep fried garlic pork ribs, meanwhile, were a bit tough. I was hoping that they were going to be crunchy because they were deep fried but they were not. I did not try the chicken though because I did not feel like eating it.

Paradise Dynasty
Deep Fried Garlic Pork Ribs
Paradise Dynasty
Szechuan Chicken

I would have wanted the servings to be bigger because Paradise Dynasty seemed like a restaurant frequented by big families. Then again, I was informed by my Chinese friends that that was the typical size of servings in most authentic Chinese restaurants.

Paradise Dynasty
Yang Zhou Fried Rice
Paradise Dynasty
Shanghai Fried Rice

All in all, food was good and service was commendable. Price was on the more steep side especially if the only basis was the size of the servings. Still, it was a memorable experience dining at Paradise Dynasty.

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  1. It appears you had a gala time at paradise Dynasty with Chinese cuisine .Being Foodie myself I would love to eat something suiting my palate.yoyr description is very helpful to seek better food.
    Read my posts as well.

  2. I was supposed to try Paradise Dynasty a few days ago but their branch at The Podium was on a break. LOL. Ended up going somewhere instead. How do you compare this with Din Tai Fung?

  3. Goodness, when I see food. I just go hungry! Fantastic pictures by the way makes me really want to go to a Chinese restaurant. Thanks for posting.

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