Morbid Fantasies


Call me weird or morbid or eccentric, but cemeteries have always held this certain allure/charm with me. Probably it’s the peace and quiet or the eerie ambiance (that adds up to the adventure), but I’ve made it my plan to hold one of my photo sessions in a cemetery. So one weekend, I coerced Deeday to go with me to Manila North Cemetery and take some shots. What was even better was that Ate Baby decided to accompany us when we brought up the idea to her. She suggested going to La Loma Cemetery because, according to her, the tombs look a lot better (not to mention older) than those in Manila North because the former is private. The guard at La Loma, however, was such a kill joy and told us it wasn’t allowed to take photos in the cemetery. Too bad because the place was really “pretty.” Anyway, after that session, we decided to hop to Manila North but it was already dark when we got there plus it was not as charming as La Loma. After just a few shots, we thought of heading home albeit with a plan to go to the Chinese Cemetery for our next photo trip.


9 Replies to “Morbid Fantasies”

  1. Yeah. It is the place where we end up eventually but I don’t really like to hang in there. It’s been very long when I last went to a cemetery. It was when my grandfather died.

  2. It is definitely not weird. Despite having a huge fear of death I used to find cemeteries fascinating as a kid and one of my pastimes was reading all the inscriptions.

  3. I prefer cemetery than hospital actually. Cemetery has a lot of great corners to capture. 🙂

  4. Well, at least you tried to gain entry for better photos. But, the ones you captured tell a story all of their own, including a sense of peace. Thanks for sharing some morbid fantasies. Great photos and post.

  5. Morbid fantasies sound interesting! I like the expression of the woman in the second picture. Would loved if you could have told a little bit about your experience of framing her! 🙂

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