FOOD: Lobby Lounge – Makati Shangri-La


My wife and I have been here twice and, on both occassions, we were treated out by my sister-in-law. We have had Club Sandwiches in both instances. It’s a huge sandwich filled with layers of veggies, cheese, ham, bacon and egg. It’s not dry, unlike other similar sandwiches I’ve tried. The bacon that they use for it tastes really good — smoky and honeycured. During the last time we went here, we’ve had Pancit Bihon. It’s filled with shrimps, vegetables, squid balls and topped with big chunks of chicharon. This is one tasty and rich pancit bihon.

328e1677f787c612f112a1949562f076_1411882070_200_thumbGreat food

10acf37f59546bf8d4b49210e687bda2_1411881718_200_thumbClubhouse sandwich

c36da85e56d35c922b27d1100e6157c0_1411882495_200_thumbNachos with salsa

The place itself boasts of grandeur and luxury, hence the price. The last time we were here, we were seated near the lounge singer so we got to enjoy great music. The ambiance is very relaxing with the soft lights. Service is good and fast.



5a6dfcdbba4b11157b6bce0d3303a203_1411882215_200_thumbHot coffee

When dining here, save around P1,500 to P2,000 for two people. It’s a perfect place for celebrating special occasions and milestones.

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