It was a turning point in Philippine history when, in February 25, 1986, the world bore witness to the EDSA People Power Revolution, perhaps one of the best-known peaceful revolutions ever staged. The People Power Revolution clearly demonstrated the power of peace and unity which the Filipino people used to topple an otherwise tyrannical and oppressive dictatorship. For Filipinos back then, it meant more than freedom restored. It undoubtedly showed the world the strength of the Philippines as a country bound by unity. And for the Filipino people, it symbolizes their respect for human dignity, love for liberty, and support for equality. Most importantly, it renewed the nation’s faith in democracy and the hope that the Philippines can once again stand up and move towards economic and social progress.

The very same spirit that bound the Philippines in the EDSA People Power Revolution still burns alive in the hearts of Filipinos, notwithstanding the passing of a quarter of a century. The EDSA People Power serves as a compelling reminder to Filipinos that the common goal of the country can be achieved by working together as a unified nation. It is not just an annual commemoration but a daily commitment to uphold the meaning of democracy which Filipinos worked hard to reclaim 25 years ago.

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