Jordan’s Way Fundraising Campaign is a GoFundMe movement that is aiming to help small shelters across the United States buy basic necessities such as food and medicine for the animals that they are rescuing. In order to do this, Jordan’s Way Fundraising Campaign is striving to raise US$1,000,000.

Not known to many people, a great number of small non-government funded shelters across the United States of America are struggling to make ends meet. Day by day, small shelter operators are in constant panic not knowing where to get food for the next day for the animals that are in their care. Most of these thoughtful individuals have already maxed out their credit cards just to pay for supplies and medical needs of animals. Even so, the number of animals entering shelters is growing rapidly.


An article by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) revealed that about 6.5 million companion animals enter animal shelters across the United States every year. Of those, approximately 3.3 million are dogs, and 3.2 million are cats. While this is the case, the rate of animals leaving the shelter for adoption is not as much as the shelter operators hope.

Jordan’s Way Fundraising Campaign

These are the very reasons that motivated Kris Rotonda, an advocate, entrepreneur, and pet lover, to launch Jordan’s Way Fundraising Campaign. As an advocate, he is passionate about animals because of the endless and selfless love that they give to their owners. To date, Kris has 4 dogs under his care which he all rescued.


Jordan’s Way Fundraising Campaign: A heartwarming story

Kris wants to repay the unconditional love of dogs to humans by giving them a safe and humane place to live. Jordan’s Way Campaign was named after his beloved dog, Jordan, whom he recently lost to cancer.

Jordan’s Way Fundraising Campaign
Kris Rotonda

According to Kris, he took Jordan, whom he considers a life saver, under his care when she was just three years old. At that point, Jordan has already been to several shelters. For 11 years, Jordan has been a faithful and caring friend to Kris. After many years with Kris, Jordan developed cancer which spread to her heart. Despite the pain that Jordan was going through, she continuously showered Kris with love.

Kris said that it was painful to let Jordan go. So in honor of her and to keep her memory alive, Kris made a promise that he would help pets that are in need so that they could live meaningful lives to the fullest and, in turn, bring happiness to the homes that will adopt them.

Knocking on compassionate hearts

This Yuletide season, Kris is knocking on kind hearts to help him in his quest to give shelters the peace of mind and the assurance that they will be able to properly care for animals in the months to come. To show his commitment to this worthy cause, Kris has already donated US$13,157.90 out of his own pocket. This month, Kris is going around the United States together with his two dogs Smoochie and Uhaul to bring pet food to small shelters all over the country.

Jordan’s Way Fundraising Campaign

Last November, Rosco P. Coal Train’s Community Outreach ran by Debby Fischer and her team, became the first recipient shelter of Kris’ initial batch of pet food and supplies. Rosco P. Coal Train’s Community Outreach takes care of about 120 animals at any given time with minimal assistance. But Rosco is just one of the thousands of shelters that need help that is why Kris is knocking on kindhearted individuals for donations. Even the smallest amount will go a long way in helping sick and abandoned pets.

Jordan’s Way Fundraising Campaign

Every last cent of donation will go to Jordan’s Way Campaign. In consideration of full transparency, Kris will post receipts of all food items and supplies purchased. He is also inviting readers to follow his journey which he will post in his Facebook group.

Aside from donating, readers may also share his photos and videos to create bigger awareness and reach more people.

In the end, a happy and healthy pet has more chances of getting adopted and finally finding a loving and caring home.


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58 Replies to “Jordan’s Way Fundraising Campaign: helping small rescue shelters

  1. This is such an awesome campaign. These small animal shelters really need our help. I will help spread the word and hopefully, the target amount will be reached in the soonest time. Meanwhile, I will grab some pet supplies/medicines/food to take to our local shelter. Those animals need some loving this Christmas too.

  2. There needs to be more people in the world like him! He took something that could have stopped him from ever getting another pet (his pet passing with cancer) into something positive! That is very inspirational and a cause I can get behind!

  3. This is such a wonderful initiative. There are so many shelters that need financial help to continue running and this is a great way to raise money!

  4. I always try to help where and when I can. Because I have such a big love for shelters, and what they can accomplish, I will check this campagn out.

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