Aside from lounging leisurely at the beach and partying at night, what else can you do in Boracay? If you are looking for activities beyond helmet diving, banana boat riding and paragliding, then island-hopping might be for you. Yes, there’s much more to see in Boracay aside from the stretch of white beach along Stations 1 to 3.

Getting an island-hopping tour requires no effort at all as boatmen will approach just about anybody on the beach without caution. Alternatively, you may inquire from your hotel who will refer you to their partner tour operators.

During the first time we tried island-hopping, we were charged Php800 for the two of us. Of course, we were part of a group of about eight people but it didn’t matter. The fee covers a boat ride to two islands and a buffet lunch of home-cooked food.

Picture 292
Before our island-hopping tour

Picture 294

Call time was at 9:30 AM. When our group was complete, we made our way to our first destination: Crystal Cove. Good thing the sea was calm during our journey. The waves weren’t big so there was no panic at all at the boat.

Picture 302
On the way to Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove

Our first destination, Crystal Cove, is a private island. As such, we had to pay an admission fee of Php200 per head. The water around the island is still crystal clear but the beach is a little gravelly, not as fine as that in Boracay.

Once inside, you may trek around the island. At its highest point, you will have a good view of the vast surrounding aquamarine waters. Down below, huge waves pound the rocky shores. Thick foliage also cover the island so it’s a little shady as you stroll around.

Picture 322
At the entrance of Crystal Cove
Picture 324
At Crystal Cove

Picture 337

Huge waves pounding the shore

From Crystal Cove, we paused for lunch break. We dug into a filling meal of rice, grilled fish, pork adobo, pork barbecue and crispy shrimps. It was a sumptuous, home-cooked lunch.

Picture 310

Puka Beach

After lunch, we proceeded to Puka Beach. The waves are a little strong but you may still swim at the beach. The cream-colored sand is coarse and there are broken shells all around so better wear aqua shoes to protect your feet. We stayed here for only about 45 minutes.

At Puka Beach

From Puka Beach, our boatmen took us snorkelling in the open waters. Visible in the water were schools of fish but their colors are not really exciting. The waves and the current are a little strong so we recommend wearing a life vest while swimming.

Another 45 minutes later, and we were once again back to Station 3. It was an enjoyable tour, a change in scenery and a chance to explore. At least we got to see other islands near Boracay.

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