Giveaway Alert: Get a free one year guide subscription worth US$18.99 from GPSMyCity

We are happy to announce that we are having our very first giveaway in partnership with GPSMyCity. At stake is a free one year subscription to GPSMyCity worth US$18.99 that will be given to 10 of this blog’s lucky readers. That means full access to all offline city guides and articles which the winners may download from the GPSMyCity mobile phone app.


Winning is easy. Just keep in mind these simple steps:

A. The giveaway is open from May 17, 2018 until May 31, 2018.
B. The 10 winners of the free one-year subscription to GPSMyCity will be chosen via Rafflecopter so be sure to register via the widget below.
C. The entrants to this giveaway will earn raffle points through the following options:

  • By leaving a meaningful comment of 5 words or more to this post, equivalent to three (3) points. Tell us where you plan or hope to travel this year!
  • By sharing this post on Facebook and tagging @ivankhristravels and/or on Twitter and tagging @ivankhrisjose, equivalent to three (3) points. Participants may do this once each day for the entire duration of the giveaway.
  • By liking Mr. & Mrs. Jose ( on Facebook, equivalent to three (3) points.
  • By following @ivankhristravels on Instagram, equivalent to three (3) points.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

D. The free one-year subscription to GPSMyCity is not convertible to cash or gift certificate.
E. The winners will be announced via our Facebook page.
F. All winners agree to register a GPSmyCity user account for free in order to avail of the complimentary subscription.


All winners may get in touch with us through our Facebook page or though our contact form. If you have not yet registered to GPSMyCity, you may do so through thislink.

After registering, please advise us though our Facebook page or via our contact form the email address that you used for registering your GPSMyCity account so that you can be assigned with premium privileges.


Thereafter, just log in to your account through the GPSmyCity app (on your phone or tablet) and download the full version (complete with GPS navigation) of all the city guides and articles that you want in the course of one year, free of charge.

The GPSmyCity app can be downloaded through iTunes and Google Play


What is the GPSMyCity app?

GPSmyCity is a Blog2App platform, meaning it converts travel blogs or posts into GPS-powered mobile apps. This way, the apps can be downloaded into mobile phones and tablets, and can be used as personal city guides. Some of its benefits are being able to read articles offline, having your own personal tour guide, being able to travel at your own pace, and saving on costs from group tours.

You can read more about it in this post: GPSmyCity changes the way we travel with downloadable city guides.


Some of our articles that are available as apps are the following:

  1. Negros Oriental Diaries Manjuyod Sandbar and Dumaguete City
  2. Negros Oriental Diaries Dumaguete City Food Guide
  3. Discovering Baler: Going Around Town Part I
  4. Discovering Baler: Going Around Town Part II
  5. Ushering 2016 with a Weekend Adventure in Bohol
  6. Puerto Princesa Food Diary
  7. Puerto Princesa City Familiarization Tour
  8. Where to Eat in Baler
  9. Day 3 : Roaming around Cebu City

You can read these articles offline and get GPS-guided travel directions to the attractions featured in the articles by downloading the GPSmyCity app on iTunes App Store or Google Play.

Download Free – On the App Store

That’s it! Join this giveaway for a chance to enjoy this great travel tool for free.

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85 Replies to “Giveaway Alert: Get a free one year guide subscription worth US$18.99 from GPSMyCity

  1. I have always loved to travel and up til a few years ago we did just that, thane we started raising our second family, this is the first year they are old enough to travel easily with us. So this is the year to GO

    1. Sounds like you have a big adventure ahead! My wife and I are also raising our first son; he is still an infant so we cannot travel with him yet. I will keep an eye on your adventures because i need all the tips I can get on family travels and traveling with children. Good luck and thank you for dropping by!

  2. Fantastic giveaway and great guide! It looks great and I would really love to use it!
    My summer is going to be filled with travelling through Europe. I plan on huge trip from Italy to Belgium through Switzerland, France, Germany and Luxemburg, then round trip in Finland and Greece (latter is hoped for fall). This year is going to be incredible!

    1. Wow, you have a big trip coming up! GPSMyCity has an extensive library of downloadable guides. I’m sure you will find it helpful. Thank you for dropping by!

    1. Oh, yeah. It’s actually an affiliate partnership arrangement. Aside from promoting bloggers’ content, they also share revenue when the full guides are downloaded. Thank you for dropping by!

  3. I have never heard of this app until now! This literally sounds like an amazing app and It sounds great for exploring place you haven’t really thought of!

  4. This is a super giveaway someone is going to be very happy to win a subscription to this useful app!

  5. Fun giveaway idea and who couldn’t use GPS when traveling? We are visiting Iceland this year – can’t wait!

  6. hello po!
    Nice to see you in the blogosphere!
    I see you’ve been to Cebu! Hope you enjoyed your stay here.

    I’ll consider signing up for this app. It’s interesting.

    1. Hello! Likewise. Yup, I love Cebu. Everything about it. Yes, please sign up. It’s really easy, just register via Rafflecopter. Thank you for dropping by!

  7. This is such an interesting app, never heard of it though. It sure deserves a lot more recognition for all those amazing features. Every travel blogger needs to hear about it.

  8. I’d love to travel to a lot of places this year if only time permits. This is a fantastic giveaway that can benefit a lot of people and motivate them to travel more! Good luck to all those who joined!

  9. Haven’t heard of this app before, but this seems interesting as you can actually take your articles along with you in the app. I am so stuck this month, I guess I would check this out laters, soon.

  10. Having a GPS is so useful, especially if you live in a very big province. Too bad we can’t use it here. Too many places that were not uploaded yet.

  11. This year I still all about Europe. First we are going to south of France to relax in Provence and enjoy fields of lavender. Then we will drive around Cyprus do take photos

  12. such an interesting initiative , i am sure that the majority of people out here would definitely be interested , all the best to the winners and also to u

  13. The APP does sound pretty cool. For any traveling and adventuring people out there, or even people wanting to check out more things locally and looking for staycation opportunities, this looks great.

  14. Such giveaways as yours provide a lot of boost and encouragement for world travelers. They definitely add excitement for those who lack the right travel equipments and can’t afford them. I know some friends who would love to participate, I will forward this to them right away

  15. Wow, truly this is very interesting. I love the fact that the GPSMyCity willc change the way every adventurous people travel. I will try to join in this contest, and will share this to my friends as well. You’ve had a great collaborations with this very useful app. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    1. Thank you for dropping by, Lai! Yup, do give it a try. I hope you signed up for the giveaway so you can see it for yourself. You can also join their affiliate program, they can help transform your guides into apps.

    1. Yup, it’s a great app. Not really sure if there are restrictions in the Middle East but they have maps and city guides from all over the globe. I hope you joined the giveaway. 🙂 Thank you for dropping by!

  16. Ivan. I find this feature very interesting where a blog post is converted to a trip. How does this happen? I will take a look at this company. I am very interested in partnering with them, if they are looking at global blog posts outside Europe.

    1. They will do everything for you, with your approval, of course. They will convert your post into a downloadable guide. Yup, they work with bloggers globally. I hope you signed up for the giveaway so that you can give it a try.

  17. That is a wonderful initiatuve you have taken here.I feel organizing givesways is a good way for bloggers to connect with each other.This app sounds like a goid platform for globe trottersx

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