Fun, celebrations and team bonding in Caliraya

The province of Laguna, merely 2 hours away from Manila, is home to many private resorts and attractions. With its proximity to the Metro, it’s no surprise that it’s a favorite weekend destination for many families and groups of friends alike. One of the more popular resorts in Laguna is Caliraya, an enclave that features a man-made lake, swimming pools and various sports activity areas. It’s also a popular spot for team-building activities.

Caliraya Resort Club, Inc.
The man-made lake
The lake


How to get to Caliraya

Caliraya is very near Manila, it’s just a 2 to 3-hour drive from the metro. If you are taking a private vehicle, take the Calamba exit at SLEX and drive all the way to Los Baños, Bay, Sta. Cruz, Pagsanjan and then Lumban. At Lumban Church, make a left turn until you see a forked road. Take the road to your right until you reach Caliraya. You won’t miss the resort because of the signages announcing its location.If you are commuting, the best way is to take a bus bound for Pagsawitan, Pagsanjan. At the Pagsawitan terminal, take a tricycle or a jeepney bound for Lumot. From Lumot terminal, ride a jeepney going to Barangay Lewin. Here, you are just a few minutes away from Caliraya.

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The lake from another view

What to do in Caliraya It seemed like, when you are in Caliraya, you would never run out of activities to do. You have the option to take it slow and relax or flex your muscles in physically-intensive activities.


Here is a rundown of what to do in Caliraya:

  1. Mudslide
The mudslide gives people a reason to frolic in mud
  1. Try the Zipline
Waiting for our turn in the zipline
  1. Swim in the pool

  2. Bike around the property

  3. Take a hike and explore the area

At the hanging bridge
The forested area


  1. Play a game of giant soccer

  2. Wall climb

Wall-climbing area

Dining in Caliraya

Meals in Caliraya were served in a mess hall. Food is served buffet style, so expect to be stuffed after each meal. Nothing really extraordinary about the fare but it’s noteworthy to mention that food is really tasty and flavorful.

view of the mess hall where meals are served

The Rooms

Rooms are dorm-style, with four double-deckers in each one. There are also three showers and three toilets per room. While the rooms are well-maintained, these already looked old and needed a touch of paint on the walls. Overall, the rooms are comfortable and clean, nonetheless. Conclusion It was a weekend well-spent. We all had fun and our craving for a quick adventure was definitely satiated. All in all, it was a experience worth recommending to others.

The chapel
The old Pagsanjan gate
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