Now, this is serious.

My head’s been in a real daze this week.


I was assigned this project when i started with the Company. It was more like “handed over” to me in the sense that I wasn’t given any preludes or introductions as to what it is about. Good thing the project’s name is very straightforward, otherwise I would still have a hard time figuring out what it’s about.

Anyway, when I was finally briefed into it, I was told that we were just waiting for the targets to be given to us for upload. Cool, or so I thought. Turned out it wasn’t that simple. When I was asked last Feb. 15 to present it, it was just then that I began realizing the complexity of the “issues” that needed to be resolved. I was at a loss that to call it complicated is a bit of an understatement. Anyway, one of the senior officers told us to postpone it for the timebeing and do a bit more of “cleaning up” and debugging.

Hell Week

Okay, to cut the story short, I was once again asked to present it after one week. No sweat, after all we’ve already done the necessary clean up and all. Or so it seemed. What happened during the succeeding days were so incredulous that, indeed, I couldn’t find a proper adjective to describe these. To top it all, everyone was losing his temper. Anyway, what really pissed me off was the “choice of words” of the man I was working with. Well, actually, he wasn’t choosing his words anymore. I just thought, “deja vu.”

He was firm with his resolve to present it. So I just said to myself, “Oh great, waht will I say? How will I do it?” because I was really at a loss. So, my neck is on the line. I felt really vulnerable, with my self-esteem really low. I just said, “Dear Lord, I’m seriously praying for a miracle. Please help me ‘coz I haven’t really mastered the project yet.” Worst thing was I was made to feel stupid when the fault wasn’t really all mine.

Answered Prayer

So the weekend passed and Monday morning arrived. It felt like my worst-ever Monday. “This is it, my moment of truth,” I said to myself. And then suddenly, the miracle that I prayed hard for. “I will present it,” said the man. His words were literally music to my ears. I felt like the angels went down from Heaven and took me into their arms for a split-second.

And so he did the presentation. Everything went smoothly. It was also great that management liked it too.

What really made me happy was the fact that I know God really listens and that He does not forsake those who ask for His intervention.

Moving forward, I am hoping that the project will run smoothly in the future and that every glitch could be fixed already.

Of course, I will still continue to pray very hard.


Author: Ivan Jose

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