Day 2: Exploring Mactan Shangri-La


By the next day, we vowed never to leave any unexplored nook. After breakfast, we took a stroll around the manicured garden and the swimming pools.

DSCN8822The poolside

DSCN8810Manicured lawns

DSCN8811The place is beautiful

From there, we followed the narrow landscaped paths that led us to the breathtaking cove at the end of the property. The beach was such a sight, with its powdery fine white sand kissed by gentle waves from the deep aquamarine sea.

DSCN8849Pure beauty

DSCN8827The water was a clear aquamarine

DSCN8858You can see the fish underneath

The water was so clear, you can see the schools of fish underneath. We were spellbound by beauty of the vast blue ocean so we spent most of our morning by the beach.

When we got hungry, we ordered lunch at Buko Bar, Mactan Shangri-La’s al fresco poolside lounge. I ordered pork satay; nothing spectacular about it because it was like regular barbecue. But it was filling, nonetheless.

25Pork Satay

After lunch, we decided to rest briefly and change into something comfortable. When we were well rested, my wife and I reckoned it would be enjoyable to take take a walk around the property.

DSCN8959Prepping for a wedding reception

We saw one area being prepped for a wedding reception. Interestingly, we also saw an open chapel near the reception area.

DSCN8933Open-air chapel

DSCN8947Souvenir shot

Not far away was Shangri-La’s signature Chi Spa. We took several photographs of the exteriors as well as interiors of Chi Spa.

DSCN8961Chi Spa, behind the bushes


Outside Chi Spa


Pathway outside Chi Spa


The centerpiece inside Chi Spa


Intricate chandelier

 DSCN8972Fountain outside Chi Spa

From Chi Spa, our feet brought us to a dock which gave a magnificent view of the vast sea. We would, of course, never miss the opportunity for photographs to immortalize the beauty of the ocean.

DSCN8974The property is traversed by concrete pathways

DSCN8978The dock

DSCN8986We went down again to the beach but it was low tide.


Lanterns at the beach


Fireworks display!


Family shot outside Tea of Spring

Come dinner time, we decided to try Tea of Spring, Mactan Shangri-La’s Chinese restaurant. More of our dining experience in a separate post.

Up next, Day 3: Roaming around Cebu City.

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