Discovering Baler: Hunting for Pasalubong


No out of town trip is complete without finding the best deals in pasalubong. We asked Kuya Boyet to take us around town to hunt for stores that offer the most affordable trinkets and souvenirs for our friends and family.

Here is a list of the stores where we found the best deals in Baler:

  1. LRT Store

Location: Quezon St, Baler, Aurora

We loved their affordable shirts and key chains. They also have an extensive collection of ballers, ref magnets, local alcoholic beverages, spiced vinegar and coffee.

Key Chains




Native purses


Coin purses


Native plate holders


Baler baller


More ballers


Key chains


Souvenir shirts


More t-shirts




Surf board key chains


Vinegar and wine


2.     Mura Crafts, Gifts and Souvenirs

Location: Quezon St, Baler, Aurora

They offer the best deal in souvenir shirt at three for Php400. They also offer key chains, ballers, chips, coco jam and coffee. This is also where I saw a lexicon (Ak’kaw Poppo) of Baler’s many unique words.

Mura Souvenir Shop



Three for Php400 t-shirts


Coco jam


Ginger tea, coco jam and peanut butter


Native sweets


Arnis sticks


Ak’kaw Poppo — a collection of Baler’s unique words


Key chains


Coin purses






Pen holders




More key chains


Banana chips


All native products


Local coffee

  1. Giiiggles

Location; Brgy. Suklayin, Baler, Aurora

They have shirts, key chains, bags, slippers, native products, purses and chips.

Giiigles Souvenir Shop


Shirts and purses




Selection of souvenirs

  1. Pasalubong Center

Location; Brgy. Suklayin, Baler, Aurora

Pasalubong Center is a cluster of many stores. Here, you can canvass for products that fit your budget. They have the usual key chains, ballers, slippers, jams, peanut butter, coffee, vinegar, fans and accessories.

Pasalubong Center




Native blankets




Bul-ul figurines


Wallets and purses


Native chips


Native sweets


Key chains

  1. Nanay Pacing Store

Location: Brgy. 05, T. Molina Street, Baler, Aurora

This is where you can buy Nanay Pacing’s famous coco jam and peanut butter. You can also stop by here for Suman de Baler, native sweets, banana chips and turmeric tea.

Nanay Pacing’s Homemade Pasalubong


Coco jam


Peanut butter


Peanut butter and coco jam


Suman de Baler


Local candies


Local snacks


More sweets

  1. Baler Public Market

We made a special trip to Baler Public Market to find Biniklad na Dilis, which we loved so much when we tasted it in Costa Pacifica. Baler, being a coastal town, offers a variety of dried seafood produce. Biniklad na Dilis is indeed special – it’s quite expensive at Php700 a kilo. We bought one-fourth of a kilo of this dried fish that is unique to Baler.

Biniklad na dilis


Assorted dried seafood


Dried fish





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