Discovering Baler: Hearty Breakfast at Costa Pacifica’s The Beach House


Probably the highlight of our stay at Costa Pacifica was our buffet breakfast at The Beach House. As with our previous hotel breakfasts, we looked forward to this one, excited to taste the flavors Costa Pacifica had to offer. When we arrived for breakfast, we were not disappointed to see the huge spread with piles of crispy bacon as the centerpiece.

We skipped appetizers and proceeded to mains. I filled half of my plate with strips of crunchy bacon, then got two scoops of garlic rice. I also got several spoonfuls of creamy scrambled egg, slices of Hungarian sausage and corned beef.



Sunny-side up eggs


Scrambled eggs

There is also a make-your-own omelet station. You can choose from a variety of ingredients to put into your omelet, such as mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, black olive, cheese and sliced ham.

A variety of ingredients from the omelet station

Aside from bacon, you may also choose from corned beef, fried tinapa (smoked fish) and pancit.

Corned Beef


Fried tinapa or smoked fish



Native sidings and dipping sauces are also available: achara (pickled your papaya), tomato ensalada, red salted eggs and spicy Casiguran vinegar.

Native sidings and dipping sauces

For those who would want something warm and light, there is a congee station. You may choose from a variety of sauces and toppings like patis, soy sauce, toasted garlic, tofu, onions, crispy liempo, chicken and furikake.



Various sauces


Delicious toppings

An American breakfast can also be had for those who do not want rice. There are pancakes, waffles, cereals and milk, and oats.

Pancakes and waffles


Chocolate syrup and butter


Eggs Benedict on toast




Regular milk and chocolate milk


Oats and toppings

Some of The Beach House’s unique offerings are the roasted gratinated tomatoes, breakfast potato with onion frizzles and breakfast pizza.

Roasted Gratinated Tomatoes


Breakfast Potatoes with Onion Frizzles


Breakfast Pizza


Bread station

What I also loved about The Beach House was their variety of white cheeses: plain, rolled in garlic and spiced. I liked the plain white cheese; very creamy and mildly-flavored.

Choice of white cheeses, black olives in olive oil, dried fruits and nuts


Coffee station


At the coffee station, I found these Bar Nuts, choco peanut bars that are a favorite in our house This was served together with coffee.


My first plate


Pancake, toasted waffles and white cheese with marmalade

For dessert, one may opt for slices of fresh fruits such as melons and watermelons. You may also get Suman de Baler dipped in either coco jam or local peanut butter.

Breakfast at The Beach House is definitely one of our most enjoyable. The selections and the ambiance are at par with those in other five star hotels.

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