Away for the Weekend: Dine and play in Misibis Bay


A weekend getaway in the luxurious Misibis Bay playground, with nothing to do is a welcome treat for any weary soul. However, with Misibis’ beauty, you really cannot help but go out and explore every nook and cranny of this first-class resort. Staying put in one place seemed like a mortal sin.

Activities in Misibis Bay

For starters, there are numerous swimming pools where you can take a dip. Each Garden View room has a small swimming pool for a quick night dip. You may also swim leisurely in the infinity pool that overlooks the magnificent beach. Or you may opt for a more intensive spin I the lagoon pool. And for the young ones, of course, there is the 2-feet kiddie pool.

DSCN6996DSCN6999Use of amenities at the activity center is also free. Available are fun indoor activities at Sitio like billiards, foosball and table tennis. Guests may also use the fitness center, movie lounge and karaoke room located at the second floor.

Children, meanwhile, may use the playroom complete with Wii, Playstation 3, X-box, sandbox, see-saw, tunnel, and pit ball, to name some. For outdoor enthusiasts, Misibis Bay offers a host of tour packages. Click here to view the complete packages and rates offered by Misibis Bay.

For our outdoor adventure, we got ourselves a customized package which included a tour of the amphitheater, the chapel, zipline.


1606324_707902532619691_82993039498808734_oDining: Taste Bicol’s Finest

1. Spice Market

Spice Market is the biggest restaurant inside the resort. As the flagship restaurant, its dishes provide a glimpse of Bicol’s unique culture which centers on the province’s love for chillis and coconut milk. We went here for lunch and sampled Bicol’s finest delicacies — laing and tilmok — and tried their lechon kawali and adobo sa asin house specialties. What I like most about the laing was the rich, deep coconut milk flavor with just the right level of spiciness. Another revelation was the tilmok. This is mixed crab and grated coconut meats, wrapped in taro leave and steamed. The delicious tasted of the crab meat blended well with the coconut. Lechon kawali was at its usual sinful form (and taste). Another dish unique to the region is the is the adobo sa asin. For this dry adobo, salt is used instead of soy sauce. All the ingredients – pork, salt, vinegar, bay leaves, peppercorn and salt—are boiled in a pot until dry. Our adobo sa asin came with generous shavings of wood ear mushrooms (locally called tengang daga). Definitely yummy!

DSCN7017Adobo sa asin


Come dinner time, we ordered pesto, marinara and laing pizza. The pasta was standard but the laing pizza was unforgettable. It is basically your laing dish in pizza form but flavors are a lot milder.

DSCN7160Laing Pizza

DSCN7164DSCN7161And finally, we had breakfast buffet here the next morning. Its breakfast offerings were not as expansive as those in hotels but at least they had bacon. What’s good about the bacon station was that we did not have to contend with a lot of diners for those crispy, heavenly strips. There was also salad, bread and omelet stations. Pinoy favorites available were longganisa and tapa.

DSCN7215My hearty breakfast plate

DSCN7191 DSCN7190


DSCN7199DSCN7203DSCN7210DSCN7201Food was definitely expensive but the taste and the servings more than made up for it. By the way, the restaurant serves unlimited bread and butter while the guests wait for their orders to arrive.

Schedule is as follows: Breakfast 6:00AM – 10:00AM Lunch 11:30AM -2:30PM Dinner 6:00PM – 10:00PM

2. Cocoon Cafe

Coffee and tea shop by the lagoon pool. This is located at the end of the pool; a cozy place for enjoying a good book or surfing the internet. Aside from beverages, it also offers light snacks. Opening hours will depend on the weather condition.

3. Sula Bar and Pool Bar

For those wanting some cocktails and alcoholic drinks, you may order from Sula Bar and Pool Bar. This is open from 6:00AM – 11:00PM.

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