Boracay, Lovelier the Second Time Around

Our trip to Boracay some months ago was a very spur-of-the-moment decision.

While we would always have travel plans for my birthday, we didn’t make any arrangement that time because of the inclement weather. However, on a quick whim, we decided to still push through with our weekend trip. It was Friday and already close to midnight but, even so, we were hoping to work something out.

[vimeo 192255771 w=640 h=360]

Boracay 2016: Our Quick Boracay Getaway from Ivan Jose on Vimeo.

We chose Boracay since it was the most convenient destination; it was just my second trip to the island anyway. Unfortunately, airfare was insanely high and all flights were soon fully-booked so we had to postpone our plans until the next weekend.

Picture 1193
While waiting for our flight

All things set and with ample time to prepare, we made it to Boracay just in time for the Halloween celebration. Boracay is as beautiful as the first time I set foot on its powder-fine sand. The party vibe was very palpable because everyone was excited for the forthcoming night of trick-or-treating.

Picture 1716
White sand and turquoise water
This is paradise

As for us, we were contented with spending our days lazily. From Station 2, we walked along the beach barefoot, feeling the fineness of the Boracay sand. When we reached Willy’s Rock, we took several photographs of the aquamarine water before excitedly taking a well-deserved dip.

Walking along the beach
At Station 1
A stretch of powder fine sand


It was also the perfect opportunity to put our latest toy — a GoPro Hero 5 — to the test. It was GoPro’s first waterproof camera so I gamely took it with me swimming. The photos came out well; the details were incredibly crisp and the colors were real. Even the underwater shots and videos were flawless. It would have been the perfect travel camera had battery life been longer. Nonetheless, the GoPro Hero 5 is a great action camera that would definitely be a permanent fixture in our travels.

Picture 1422
Underwater shots with our GoPro Hero 5
Picture 1423
More underwater shots
Willy’s Rock in the background


Willy’s Rock from another perspective


Picture 1739
Trying the paddle board


From Willy’s Rock, we then visited Jonah’s, one of our favorite restaurants in the island, to grab something light to eat. We ordered pancit, Chori Burgers, isaw and, of course, their famous fruit shakes. As always, it was a meal that we truly enjoyed — great food with good value for money.

Picture 1136
Chori Burger
Picture 1702
Barbecued Chicken & Pork intestines locally known as isaw
Picture 1705
Fruit shake

After our meal, we walked all the way to Talipapa in Station 2 to hunt for pasalubong.

Shopping for pasalubong


Shellfish is also available at the wet market
A giant sea snail

With nothing much to do, we decided to roam around, and retrace our old steps during our first trip to this paradise. We briefly took another dip to cool down. By this time, it was already close to sunset. We would never let the sunset pass so we chose a good spot on the shore where we could watch the horizon shift colors as the sun descended.

Waiting for the sun to set

As we beheld the rich hues of the horizon, we suddenly understood why Boracay was hailed as one of the most beautiful islands of the world by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Never mind the endless establishments on the beach; Boracay was perfection from any perspective.

Picture 1462
Sun sets over Boracay

Soon after darkness enveloped the island, loud music came booming, signaling the transition to a world of seemingly endless revelry. We are not too fond of parties though so we looked for a less chaotic place where we could enjoy a warm dinner.

We got drawn to Le Soleil de Boracay because of the few diners and the scrumptious-looking buffet spread of Filipino food. It did not disappoint, the food was flavorful especially the adobo, crunchy lechon kawali and cheesy baked mussels. We thought it was one of the best restaurants in Boracay — the empty containers were quickly replenished, the servers were commendable, and the price was affordable.

Picture 1308

After dinner, we walked briefly along the shore but we were a little tired from a day of activities so we decided to call it a night shortly after.

[vimeo 194205328 w=640 h=360]

Fire Dancer in Boracay from Ivan Jose on Vimeo.

Picture 1326

Our second day was basically a repeat of the previous day. We would have wanted to stay longer and witness the Halloween parties but it was already impossible to file a vacation leave extension. Nonetheless, it was still an enjoyable quick getaway. We would definitely be back to Boracay whenever we have the opportunity.

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  1. Yup, sad truth about tourism when an area is not prepared for it. I think Boracay is up for it, the local government has to be diligent in implementing controls though. Good luck on your blog! May your relationship be filled with amazing adventures! Thank you also for dropping by!

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