We woke up early to catch the Boracay sunshine. We got dressed and immediately headed out to find breakfast. From the multitude of restaurants that dot D’ Mall, we settled for Jammers because there were just a few diners plus it looked affordable. My first breakfast in Boracay was American – two slices of toast, two sunny side up eggs, three strips of bacon, sausage and coffee. My wife, meanwhile, ordered longanisa with egg and rice.

After our quick meal, we took a stroll along the beach front. The Boracay in front of me now was much different than the previous night’s milieu. It was more laid back and much more alluring. The bright sunshine further brought out the brilliant turquoise hue of the sea. Now I know why it is still considered as one of the best beaches in the world despite the commercialism. Never mind the green algal bloom, it was still magnificent. The people, meanwhile, were leisurely enjoying the sun and the clear water. Nobody was in a hurry, nor was there anybody who seemed anxious.

The powdery white sand also felt nice under my feet. Thus, most of the time, I would rather walk without my slippers.

We took a long walk towards Station 3 until our feet brought us to Talipapa market. We went around and checked out the different pasalubong and souvenir items being sold – shirts, ref magnets, coin purses and all.

After a few minutes of walking around, we went back to Alamo Bay Inn to check out and transfer to Boracay Regency, which will be our home for the next few days.

Once we have checked in at Boracay Regency, we rested for about 30 minutes then headed out. Our first activity for the day, of course, was to take a dip in the aquamarine water. Despite the bright sun, the water was still very cold.

Afterwards, we took a long walk going to the direction of Station 1. What better way to enjoy the sights and sceneries of Boracay, or any place in general, than to travel on foot. Along the way, we tried fresh fruit shakes and isaw from roadside stands.

We saw one of Boracay’s iconic landmarks, Willy’s Rock. It is a small rock formation a few hundred meters from the beach near Station 1. On top of it was a statue of the Virgin Mary. It was already low tide when we got there so we took the opportunity to take photographs near the islet.

Several photographs later, we decided to go back to Station 2 and wait for the sunset. On our way back, we saw the famous Jonah’s, a popular snack bar in the island that is best known for their rich and thick fruit shakes. We thought it best to take advantage of the opportunity to try their shakes. I got my favorite avocado shake with evaporated milk while my wife got a banana-pineapple combination. Indeed, the concoction was thick and tasted generously of fresh fruit. The milk lent this drink with added richness.

By mid-afternoon, we could already see a lot colorful sailboats or paraw. A paraw is a small boat with two outriggers and two sails. If one would want to try paraw sailing, there are vessels for rent for 30 minutes. Price is dependent on the size and capacity of the boat.

Not having walked very far, we thought of lounging on the beach and catch the sunset. We took out our sarong, spread it on the white sand and unabashedly slumped. We could already see the sun quickly plummeting in the horizon. This whole spectacle painted the Boracay skyline with hues of yellow orange, slate blue and dark gray. We beheld this mélange of colors as if it were a beautiful work of art.

By early evening, we were back in our hotel and getting dressed. It was our first wedding anniversary and we were to celebrate it at Fridays Boracay.

Around 7:00 PM, we hailed a tricycle and sked to be dropped off at Fridays in Station 1. Fridays is a 48-room resort, best-known for its nipa-hut inspired accommodations. Unfortunately, the restaurant only offered buffet that evening. We thought buffet was too much for us so we transferred to Discovery Shores. The hotel staff were very accommodating to allow us to have our dinner in one of the tables on the beachfront. In a very romantic fashion, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary dinner on the beachfront.

After our light dinner, we had another crazy idea of walking all the way back to Boracay Regency. Tired from a day full of activities, we went to bed early excited for what’s in store for us the next day.

Up next, Part 3: What to do in Boracay

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