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Manila Cathedral
Manila Cathedral

I’ve been away from blogging for several months now, seven to be exact. The reason, I haven’t been home from March to May or almost the whole summer because we had our house renovated. I spent all my summer weekends running and/or walking with Deeday in Intramuros, our all-time favorite spot, leaving me with little or no time at all to make posts. Old manila, indeed, never fails to charm us.

Our starting point for our Intramuros walk is always Manila Cathedral. From La Loma, we’d take a cab and navigate through Quiapo. On our way to the cathedral, we would usually pass through a short tunnel along the Pasig River side of Intramuros. It was weird because each time we pass through that tunnel, we felt like we were being transported back in time.

From Manila Cathedral, we would randomly choose a route and run for a short while. Then we would walk around Intramuros as we ogle at the beautiful architecture, the exquisite red bricks and the lovely cobblestones. One of our best walks was when we actually strolled on top of the walls. Wide-eyed, we never once thought that the walls were so thick (making us laugh at our ignorance).

After about an hour of walking/running, Deeday and I would make a pit stop at Starbucks Intramuros, which we also love because it’s inside a tunnel in the brick wall – giving it an old world feel. After about an hour of coffee and tea at Starbucks, we would proceed to Luneta either by jeep or by foot. We would walk around some more in this famous park, then run along Roxas Boulevard (Baywalk). Dinner was usually at Mang Inasal in CCP Complex. After eating, we would rest a bit then walk some more towards MOA. We would end our old Manila adventure on the sea wall behind MOA, chit chatting until 1:00 AM then head home after.

This was our weekly summer routine, each a new learning experience that we relished with zest. It didn’t also cost much because we had to spend only on food, coffee and fare. Plus, it gave us our weekly dose of exercise to bust stress.

The last time we’ve been to Intramuros was last August for a “photo walk” session, but that’s another story. Anyway, I’m already looking forward to our next Intramuros adventure.

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  1. It sounds like you had a busy few months, I wish you all the happiness in your newly renovated house and welcome back to blogging! Looking forward to seeing what you will be getting up to 🙂

  2. Oh, I know how it is when renovating a house! No matter how well everything is planned there’s always some surprises coming up – I know! Great to have you back!

  3. Welcome back to the blogging world. I know that moving house or renovating can be very very exhausting.

  4. Ana De Jesus says:

    Wow seven months it must have felt so strange but welcome back. Renovating and moving house is definitely exhausting. I am in the process of it myself.

  5. Anamika Ojha says:

    Welcome back to the blogging world! Looking forward to reading more about your last 7 months tales!

  6. Jessica Ayun says:

    Glad you could go back in blogging. I miss Intramuros and Manila Cathedral. I wish I could visit these sites soon again. 🙂

  7. Welcome back to blogging. hope to read some great posts in the future. I go for photowalks every week. Recently I went to a sculpture walk across Manchester. It was a great experience to discover the art scenario of the city.

  8. Seven months!! Must be so weird to come back to blogging!I hope you are all moved in now, I cant wait for more blog posts to come!

  9. Congrats on motivating yourself to come back to blogging, and all the best!

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